How To Tell If A Bathtub Is Fiberglass Or Acrylic: Easy Steps To Determine

Easy Steps To Determine Whether Your Bathtub Is Made Up Of Fiberglass Or Acrylic

Usually, the bathtubs are available in different kinds of styles and the materials as well and when it comes to the maintenance service the fiberglass tends to be on the number one than the acrylic tubs. The material of which the bathtub is made will determine its cost, durability, look, and functionality as well. Determining the tub material is a very critical step before the user starts any procedure like cleaning or remodeling. The bathtub looks are quite enough to determine the tub material but there are also few other tricks that can easily help the user to find out other possibilities and some among them are defined as follows:
  • Press The Surface Of The Tub: Start by knocking or pressing the outer tub wall. Most of the tub materials like fiberglass and acrylic are very versatile and flexible. If in case the users knock the outer tub wall and if the material is having the little give, then they need to understand that their tub is most likely to be craft from the acrylic or from the fiberglass. The deep sound refers that the tub is off the enamel-coated steel tub.
  • Find Out The Chips Or Scratches: Then the user needs to examine the tub surface for the chips or the scratches. The tubs that are made up of the acrylic or the fiberglass are prone to get affected by the cracks or scratches. The chipping usually occurs over the tub that is having the porcelain coat and if the heavy weighted items are allowed to fall over the tub surface. The fading spot at the tub base also refers to the fiberglass material. If the chipped area reveals any material beneath its exterior coat then they need to find out rust signs and this will indicate that the material should be of the cast iron or the porcelain enamel-coated steel.
  • Check The Flooring: The users also check the flooring that is around the tub. The tubs made up of the iron requires the extra reinforcement so that the tubs can withstand its weight. Usually, the users can hide this within the subflooring and even some of the washrooms are specifically designed with the frames to support the heavy tubs. If the users can approach the area below the tub then they need to find out the extra joists or the strand board both of them are used to support the additional weight of the iron tub.
  • Use The Magnet: The users can also hold up the strong magnet outside the tub as the steel and the cast irons tubs are having the magnetic nature then the magnet will get stuck to the tub and if it does not stick to the tub then it refers the tub is made up of the acrylic, fiberglass or the wood.
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