How To Take Wheels Off Bed Frame: Step By Step Process To Remove Wheels From Bed Frame

Step By Step Process To Remove Wheels From Bed Frame

Metal bed frames with wheels generally are the bed frames that you can get when you purchase a new mattress. The best thing about bed frames having wheels is that they occupy very little space and don't have a headboard or a footboard. They are suitable when it comes to reorganizing the furniture around a bedroom, however, they have a tendency to scrape floors, like linoleum and hardwood, and are not regarded as the most stable beds. And, if in case enough pressure is put on a particular side of the bed or if a wheel is hit while moving it, the bed may break or become bent. Fortunately, damaged wheels can be replaced easily, or eliminated completely and replaced with bed risers and stationary bed legs. In order to take off the wheels from the bed frame, follow the below-mentioned steps carefully & achieve the desired result of your work:

Step 1: Setting Up The Bed

If for any reason you want to remove the wheels, hold up the side of the bed where the wheel is broken, with other furniture such as a sturdy chair, or you can take assistance from someone in order to hold it up. If in case you want to get rid of all the four wheels, then move the chair supporting up the frame around to each corner as you take apart each wheel, or remove all of the bedding, the mattress, and box springs and then tilt the bed frame on its side. Take help from someone in order to hold it up or tilt it against a wall for stability. If the frame is not very heavy, it can just be tilted over and placed on the ground with the legs and wheels positioning towards the ceiling.

Step 2: Removing Wheels

The majority of the wheels on bed frames are casters having a post, which means, they are industry-standard wheels that adjust into the creases of the metal bed frame. They can be eliminated by simply pulling them out. If in case a wheel does not come out even after being pulled, wobble the wheel around inside the stem to disconnect it. If still the wheel does not come out, try smoothly tapping the top of the wheel slot with the help of a blunt object in order to loosen it in the socket.

Step 3: Replacing Wheels

You can find all the types of bed legs online having caster sockets that will adjust with the metal bed frame or plastic socket adapters of the bed frame. The industry standard size for caster sockets is 3/8 and 7/16, therefore, you need to examine that any legs that you purchase for a bed frame are exactly the same as those measurements. If in case the bed legs are 3/8 or 7/16, then they should go right into the bed frame that will be helpful for the wheels to be pulled out.
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