How To Take Apart A Metal Bunk Bed: Step By Step Process To Separate A Metal Bunk Bed

Step By Step Process To Separate A Metal Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are regarded as one of the exceptional options for kids who have to share a room. One of the best things about the bunk beds is that they occupy very little floor space as compared to two separate beds and are enjoyable for children to sleep and play on. At some point in time, you may make up your mind to divide the kids up or you feel that they are not responsible enough to tackle mounting the ladder or sleeping and playing in an overhead bunk. Some of the bunk beds are manufactured to be separated, and this can be done with a few basic tools. Follow the below-given steps carefully in order to separate a metal bunk bed:
  1. First of all, you need to go through the instructions that come with your bunk bed in order to make sure that they can be taken apart safely.
  2. After that, get rid of the mattress from the top bunk. Raise the mattress over the edge of the safety bars on the most suitable and accessible side of the bed. Rigorously stand it up on its side and support it against a wall away from your work area.
  3. Now, remove the ladder. There are two possibilities, either it will be screwed or bolted into the frame at the top bunk edge & at various points along with the frame or it will be fastened over the slats and feature a security bolt. Unfasten all of the bolts or screws before getting rid of the ladder.
  4. Next, unfasten and get rid of any bolts or slides that are holding the assembled beds in place. These are generally situated along the bedposts, where the base of the top bunk converges with the top of the base bunk. If in case the top and bottom bunks converge at any other point other than the posts, make sure to inspect for bolts and slides there as well.
  5. Elevate the top bunk rigorously from the bottom bunk at each corner. Drag the bed away from any nearby walls and ask your friend to stand at one end and elevate. Elevate upward until the posts come loose, and move both ends at the same time to the floor.
  6. Next, examine the bottom of the bedposts, and get rid of any dowels or other pieces that may be adhering out of the bottom before positioning the bed on the floor.
  7. After that, detach the bed rails from the top bunk, before replacing the mattress.
  8. Finally, get rid of any dowels, screws, hinges, or other hardware that were used in order to connect the bunks & make sure to keep them in a safe place to be used in future.
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