How To Swag A Chandelier: Step By Step Way To Swag A Chandelier

Step By Step Way To Swag A Chandelier

When the electrical ceiling box is not at the right spot for the new chandelier, that time simply lengthen as well as swag the chain that is the fixture instead of moving the electrical box. The step by step way to sway a chandelier is mentioned below:

Step 1: Preparation

  1. With the help of the measurement tape, measure the distance from the intended location of the chandelier to the power source. In order to compensate for the slack, simply add 2 or 3 feet to the overall measurement. The amount of the slack that is needed will depend on how much the chain, as well as the cord, is needed to drape between the swag hooks and the fixture.
  2. Once the above step is done, then buy the appropriate length of the cord and chain. It is important to add the 2 feet to the overall length of the power cord as this is for the electrical connections.
  3. Remove out the chain that is original simply by separating all the links that secure with the support ring of the chandelier and also remove the decorative cover plate with the help of a pair of pliers which must be adjustable and with a screwdriver. At this time its advisable to don't remove the wires from the chandelier.
  4. Secure one of the ends of the new chain with the chandelier. Take a screwdriver and pliers for separating as well as for opening the end link and then hook it up with the support ring. In order to bend the link back to the closed position use the tools. Now secure the other end of the chain with the cover plate that was removed in the above step.
  5. To the chandelier, now fix up the new power cord. The best way to disassemble the chandelier is to simply install the new cord in the same way as the old cord. Through the links of the chain weave the new cord as well as thread it from the opening in the center of the cover plate that is decorative.

Step 2: Installing Swags To Joists

  1. First of all, locate as well as markdown the placement of the ceiling joists with the help of a stud finder and the pencil. This device will make a beep or a light-up once it is run over a stud.
  2. Now in the ceiling joist at the location that is desired for the light fixture drill a pilot hole with the help of a power drill & the drill bit that is appropriately sized. The bit must be a little bit smaller as compared with the diameter of the shank of the hook of swag.
  3. With the ceiling joist now attach the swag hook simply by positioning the threaded shank exactly in the pilot hole as well as turning it in the clockwise direction until it will become tight. If in case it is not easy to screw in the hook using the hand, then remove as well as use a drill bit but larger for the pilot hole. Most of the manufacturer's instruction mention the size of the bit in the directions that are included with the swag hook.

Step 3: Swags To Drywall

  1. On the ceiling, mark the spot for the swag hook with the help of a pencil. From the drywall make a little hole with a screwdriver. Now the toggle bolt must be threaded on the threaded shank which is of the swag hook.
  2. Gently squeeze the toggle bolt and at the same time insert the bolt in the opening that is in the ceiling. Try to push the toggle far enough deep in the ceiling until it will reopen. Now tighten the swag hook with the help of the hand until it will flush with the ceiling.

Step 4: Installing The Chandelier

  1. Turn off the circuit switch that is located in the panel box and which supplies power to the ceiling electrical box. Use a circuit tester to determine that the power is properly off. Also, make sure that the switch off the light.
  2. At the desired height hang the chandelier simply by hooking the chain with the swag hook.
  3. After that, attach the blackleg switch, white neutral and the green or the bare copper wires from the chandelier with the white or black or the ground wires that are in the electrical box of the ceiling simply by twisting both the ends together as well as also securing with the wire nuts.
  4. Finally, it is time to align the electrical box with the cover plate and attach with the mounting screw.
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