How To Support Corner Shelves: Three Easy Ways Of Supporting Corner Shelves

Three Easy Ways Of Supporting Corner Shelves

The corner shelf can easily take full advantage of using the useless area that is not used for some other purpose. The corner is usually of a triangular shape and that area can be used to support up the small-sized items like the plants or the books. The corner shelf can easily be supported by using the timber batters that are affixed to each wall corner side and this will offer great support to the corner shelf. If desired the users can also use the metal angles to offer immense support to the shelf. The corner shelf can be of different shape either it could be round or triangular in shape. In the corner shelf, the users need to make the extra fittings above the surface of the shelf so as to avoid the shelf back to get tipped up. Here are some of the ways by which the users can support the corner shelves:

Way I: Using Wooden Batten

The users need to start by trimming down the wooden support battens and they need to calculate and then trim down the length of the timber. They need to trim it less than the side measurements of the shelf and then trim down the close square edge all across the planed timber and the front end shelf at the angle and by this, the users can easily craft the batten in a less obstructive way. Instead of this, the front-most batten side can be kept invisible by simply firing up the batten beneath the shelf all across the front most side and one of the major advantages is that it will easily strengthen up the front edge that is unsupported. The users can easily drill up the holes so as to fix the screws within the supporting batten and the user needs to space these holes equally along the batten centreline. The two fixings are quite enough to support up the shelf.

Way II: Fitting Up The Shelf Support

The users need to fix up the support on the first wall and the users need to affix the basic supported batten on the corner side as per the shelf height and to check the level the users require to use the spirit level. They need to keep the back edge away within the corner and then mark down the position of the hole on the surface of the wall within the holes into the pattern. In the case of the masonry wall, the users need to drill down the correct holes so as to take up the wall plugs and then fix up the batten by using the screws that will enter into the wall. In the case of the timber walls, the users need to drill within the plasterboard and then attach the batten by easily screwing with the frame. Then eventually they need to fix up the other support to the wall in the same manner.

Way III: Using The Metal Angle Support

Instead of using the wooden batten, the users can also use the metal angle that will suit any type of the wall and will offer the immense support to the corner shelves as it is crafted from the high-grade metal material. The users need to calculate the wall measurements and then they need to trim the metal angle as per the calculated measurements. Then the users need to place the basic support on the surface of the first wall and in order to check the level, they need to use the spirit level. Then dry off the wall to fix up the first most support of the side by using the headed screws rather than using the countersunk screws. Then they need to fix the metal angle support on the other side of the wall by following the same pattern.
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