How To Strip Latex Paint From Wood: Steps And Items Needed

Steps And Items Needed To Strip Latex Paint From Wood

Are you going to refinish your wood furniture? If yes then you first need to remove old paint from it, if the paint is latex then you may face some difficulties while removing it, but don't worry we are here to help. Collect all the given items first and then follow the steps to remove the latex paint from the wood easily:

Things You Will Need

  • Plastic Putty Knife Or Credit Card
  • Olive Oil & Cloth
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Latex Paint Remover
  • Mineral Spirits
  • Cotton Swab
  • Lacquer Thinner


  • First of all, you need to scrape the old layer of paint gently with the help of a plastic putty knife or you can use a credit card as well for this purpose.
  • Occasionally this is all you need to abolish small speckle of dried paint. If the old layer of latex paint doesn't come off easily then apply too much force on it because it can easily damage your furniture finish.
  • Next you need to try softening the latex paint finish, to do this you just need olive oil. Pour some olive oil on the cloth and cover the paint with the cloth and let the oil soak in for at least one hour. If this step works properly then you will be able to wipe off the latex paint by using a rag or you can easily scrape it off with the help of a plastic paint scraper.
  • Test the finish before resorting to more radical measures. To do this you need to use nail polish remover to test for traditional lacquer. Choose an unnoticeable spot and dab it with the help of an artist's paintbrush. If you see that the finish softens then it's lacquer. If the finish still remains hard then the finish is either from alkyd varnish, waterborne acrylic, or polyurethane. Now you need to use stronger solvents on these type of finishes.
  • If you see that the finish is softened then you need to soften the paint layer on a lacquer finish with the help of a latex paint remover or you can also use mineral spirits if the paint remover is not available. These types of paint remover are very stronger solvents, you can easily & safely use them.
  • Dab either on the finish of latex paint by using a cotton swab and scrape all the paint off with the help of a plastic putty knife if the paint is softened. If you see that the paint is not softened then the only unconventional is to sand off the paint and then repair the finish.
  • If your furniture has acrylic, alkyd or polyurethane finish then you can easily use the lacquer thinner on it to soften the paint. Simply dab the thinner solvent on the paint finish and then scrape it off when the paint is fully softened. If you see that the paint finish does not soften then it may be urethane or catalyzed lacquer. In this case, you just need to sand off the finish.
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