How To Straighten A Warped Wooden Door: Easy Ways Of Straightening A Warped Wooden Door

Easy Ways Of Straightening A Warped Wooden Door

If in case the users are having the wooden door that has become wrapped because of the water damage or if the door is aged. The users then require to straighten it rather than discarding it entirely. The door that is wrapped can either bow towards its side or to the ground or the door can also have the curved wrap and in this case, the side of the turn usually gets turned away from its other side. The users can straighten a wrapped wooden door at home by following the below-defined ways:


The doors that get wrapped are usually present in old homes. If in case the door is made up of the pinewood are more prone to getting affected by the wrapping. The pinewood belongs to the category of the softwoods and is having the softwood grain as well. If in case the pinewood is not sealed up properly then the wood will get expanded over the period of years and will eventually result in the long-lasting wrap. Usually, the wrap occurs at the door middle and also at the base and top of the door. If in case the user finds out the gap in at the door jamb then it indicates the wrapping problem of the door. The users can use the few tricks by which they can somehow treat the wrapped door.

First Things First

The user needs to detach the wrapped door from its jamb by unfastening the hinges that are present on the side of the jamb. Then they need to position the door over the 2 sawhorses in the open ventilated area or at the garage. Then they need to examine the wrap orientation and then they need to be assured that the wrapped side of the door is facing upwards and then turn the wrapped door. Then the users require to place the heavy items over the door surface until the user won't find that the wrapped side is reversed as much as it can and that without offering the damage to the door. The users are advised to place the heavy items at the wrapped centre and then let the door to rest over the sawhorses for near about 3-4 days or almost to 7 days. Then detach the heavy items and then examine the wrap by positioning the straightedge on the parallel to the wood grain. Then the user will find out that the wrap might be gone to some extent.


This is another step if in case the users still find the wrap in the door even if allowed to get cured for more than a week. The users need to install the belt on the sander and then position the straightedge over the surface of the door and there will also be a gap in between the door and the straightedge and thus it indicates the wrap direction. If in case the gap is present at the straightedge corner then the user requires to turn the door in a way that the wrap will be facing downwards and then the gap will be at the center of the base and top door corners. The users need to stand at the door end and then start the sanding process from the door edge at the point where actually the doors come in contact with the doorstop. They need to rub the sander in the back and in the forth motion all over the grain of the wood at the topmost corner so as to tape it down gently. The user needs to examine its progress from time to time and the gap in between the door center and the straightedge will tend to get smaller as the user will keep on removing the wood from the topmost corner.


If in case the user still finds that their door is wrapped even after the sanding process and it is still very difficult to make it fit then the user need to shift their doorstop over the jambs so as to treat it. They need to pry off the doorstop by using the screwdriver or the chisel and then bind the door and then reinstall the door jambs so that the wrap will get fitted. Usually, most of the doorstop can easily be bent when they are installed if it is possible to the user then they can break it off and then buy the new doorstop. Then install the doorstop over the jambs so as to make the wrap fit. The users can also sand down the door and then refinish it. If in case the user finds out that the doorstop is present in the good condition then they need to spray them by using the varnish as the lacquer is best to be used for the inner doors and the polyurethane is ideal to get used for the outer doors.
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