How To Store A Comforter: Step By Step Process Of Storing A Comforter

Step By Step Process Of Storing A Comforter

At the time of storing your comforter, one of the most important things to remember is to conserve space while stopping mold, mildew, as well as bug infestations. No matter if you are storing a down or a synthetic comforter, there are master plans you can follow in order to ensure proper storage. Making your comforter clean as well as selecting the right storage container, will get the storage care that your comforter needs.

Step 1: Washing Your Comforter

If in case you don't wash your comforter before storing it, foods, oils, as well as stains left on the comforter will give rise to bugs and cause it to worsen faster. Wash your comforter in a front-loading washing machine with the help of a mild detergent.
  • Use A Large, Front-loading Washing Machine: Down comforters have a tendency to be bulky, which in turn means that a small machine will not perform the cleaning process. If in case you have a top-loading machine at home, it in all likelihood will have an "agitator" in the middle of the washing chamber, which can tear or otherwise stress the fabric of the comforter. If a large, front-loading machine is not available at home, opt for taking the comforter to a local Laundromat, as they have heavy-duty front-loading machines available.
  • Wash Smoothly: As soon as you load your comforter into the machine, add a mild laundry detergent. Use warm water as well as a delicate cycle, due to the reason that hot or cold water can be very harmful to the down comforter. Try to immerse the comforter completely into the water.
  • Use The Rinse Cycle Twice: All the detergent needs to be washed out before you take out the comforter from the wash. Prior to the comforter hitting the spin cycle, you need to pull it out and take out some of the water by hand. It will make the waterlogged fabric portable and more likely to spin well.

Step 2: Fitting Your Comforter Into A Bag

  • Store Down Comforters In Breathable Cotton Bag: A breathable cotton bag will minimize the danger of mold as well as mildew that have an effect on your down comforter. Make sure not to store your down comforter in plastic, as this can be very harmful to the comforter and strengthening the risk of mold and mildew.
  • Try Vacuum Sealing Synthetic Comforters: Vacuum sealing will minimize the comforter's surface area as well as keeps it well protected. If in case your comforter is older or is composed of a fine & thin material, be careful of vacuum sealing. If vacuum-sealable bags are not available, at that time you can store your synthetic comforter in breathable cotton or regular plastic.
  • Fold Your Comforter: Comforters are very large as well as bulky, so it is better to fold your comforter many times in order to help minimize its volume. Adjust the comforter in your desired breathable bag and close it up. The majority of these bags will have a drawstring or zipper to close it. The bag doesn't need to close all the way, instead sealing it up will stop dirt as well as bugs from being able to reach it.

Step 3: Finding A Storage Spot

  • Cool, Dry Location Will Be Ideal: Mold as well as mildew like warm, damp environments, so you need to make sure to store your comforter in a place that will remain cool and dry. Try to select a place that's above the ground and indoors. Stay away from sheds or other outdoor storage locations, due to the reason that bugs have an easier time accessing these spots.

  • Choose A Linen Closet Or Similar Spot, If Possible: A linen closet is regarded as one of the best options to store your comforter, as it keeps it off the ground as well as in a clean closet. If in case you don't have a linen closet, at that time you can store your comforter on an additional shelf or in a clean cabinet. If a piece of furniture is available that acts as a storage container, like an ottoman, then you can store your comforter there. Storing your comforter in a plastic bin is fine due to the fact that it's sealed in a protective bag.
  • Don't Store Anything On Top Of Your Down Comforter: In order to stop the feathers in your down comforter from being damaged, make sure not to place anything on top of the sealed bag. If in case the comforter will be going in a closet filled up with several other things, put the down comforter on the very top.
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