How To Stop Laminate Floors From Squeaking: Ways To Stop

Ways To Stop Laminate Floors From Squeaking

The squeaking is very irritating in any kind of flooring. The nails installed on the floor start to pull away from the joists and the floor starts to squeak. The other reason for squeaking floors could be the uneven surface of the subfloor or the boards may have expanded or shrunk. There are different ways through which the laminate floors can be stopped from squeaking. Some of the ways are mentioned below:
  1. Insert Shims Into Gaps: Find the exact location where the squeak occurs. If there is a gap then insert a piece of shim into space. Do not use a hammer, smoothly insert the shim into space so that the floor does not move.
  2. Fill Long Gaps With Construction Adhesive: The shim can be used to fill the gap at the specified spot. To fill longer gaps, adhesive can be used. A caulking gun is used to apply the adhesive in the spaces. When the adhesive dries it hardens and the floor does not make any squeak.
  3. Nail A Board Along A Warped Joist: Sometime joists can twist or shrink and create space between the subfloor and the joist. To fix this problem hold the woodblock along the top edge against the joist and apply adhesive on the woodblock and slide it up tightly with the bottom of the subfloor.
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