How To Stop A Wooden Bed From Squeaking: Step By Step Process Of Fixing Squeaky Wooden Bed

Step By Step Process Of Fixing Squeaky Wooden Bed

Squeaking is one of the biggest problems that can occur as soon as you are looking to take some rest on a wooden bed. A squeaking bed usually means that your bed is making a high-pitched sound or cry. There can be many reasons for your wooden bed to squeak or make noise and some of the reasons include loose joints, broken slats, a worn-out spring mattress, or even heat expansion. However, usually, the main cause of the squeak is a loose frame fitting or an old mattress and it’s easy to search for the source of the problem.

Buy A New Mattress

If a spring mattress is guilty when it comes to squeaking wooden beds, then it is not possible to solve the problem. Instead, you need to buy a new mattress that will help you with a good night's sleep and provide you with the best experience while relaxing on the bed. A squeaking mattress means that your once trusty sleeping station has come to the end of its natural life.

Tighten Up Loose Fittings, Joints, And Bolts

If you find out that the reason behind the squeaking wooden bed is loose nuts and bolts, then it is time to arm yourself with Allen keys, screwdrivers, and spanners in order to get your wooden bed frame tightened up. It is also highly recommended to add washers to your bed’s loose fittings if you don’t have them already, due to the fact that this can sometimes help to hold joints together more solidly.

Apply Some Wax To The Noisy Area

After buying a new mattress as well as tightening the loose fittings, joints, and bolts, if the squeaking noise still exists then you need to apply some wax to lubricate the area. WD40 or other specialist products of the same ilk should do the job for you. You simply need to apply the wax to the affected area in order to see whether that solves your unpleasant noise issues.

Sort Your Slats Out & Level Any Uneven Flooring

Broken slats can be another reason for squeaking wooden beds and in order to keep away from squeaking noise, you simply need to replace broken slats. However, make sure to purchase the right size to suit your wooden bed frame. Uneven flooring can also play a critical role in squeaking wooden beds. The best way when it comes to checking for this is to crack out the spirit level from your toolbox as well as wedge a small piece of plywood or other pieces of material underneath the rickety corner of your bed in order to level the playing field.

Buy A New Wooden Bed

If all the above possible ways don't solve the squeaking problem, then you can simply buy a new wooden bed. Make sure to purchase a wooden bed that suits every taste and style. From wooden rattan beds to wooden ottoman beds as well as wooden sleigh beds, you can surely find the perfect fit.

How To Identify The Source Of The Squeaking?

A spring mattress can be the cause of the squeak and to find out whether a spring mattress is the main culprit, you need to pull out the mattress from the bed and lay it on the floor. After removing the mattress from the best, you need to go for a squeak test by lying down the mattress and moving around across its surface. If there is no noise at all while lying on the mattress, then you have found your problem. To identify the cause of your bed’s squeaking, smoothly rock its frame in different directions and listen carefully. As soon as you have narrowed down your search area to the source of the sound, it is important to thoroughly check for any loose bolts or joints nearby before proceeding with the step-by-step process of fixing the squeaking problem.
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