How To Stain Unfinished Wood: Procedure To Stain

Procedure To Stain Unfinished Wood

The material that is needed for staining the unfinished wood includes Unfinished wood piece, Brush, Wood conditioner(pre-stain), Wood finishing coat, Wood stain, and Clean rags. The steps are mentioned below for staining unfinished wood:
  1. Begin With Pre-Stain: The first step is to start from the pre-stain. Before applying the pre-stain on the wood make sure that wood piece is dry and clean, and does not have any other finish. If any finish is present on the wood piece take the stripping agent and remove the finish.
  2. Apply Pre-Stain: Take a clean brush and start applying pre-stain on the wood piece. Applying pre-stain on the wood helps the wood piece to absorb the stain properly.
  3. Let Pre-stain Absorb: Wait for about 15 minutes until the pre-stain absorbs on the wood piece.
  4. Wipe The Wood Surface: Now the next step is to take a clean rag and clean the extra pre-stain from the wood surface.
  5. Prepare Stain: After pre-staining, prepare the wood stain to be applied on the wood piece. Stir the stain continuously and make sure that no air bubbles are formed while stirring. If the applied pre-stain is oil based then the stain should also be oil based.
  6. Apply Stain: The last step is to apply the stain on the wood piece with the help of brush in the wood grain direction. Do not let the paint drops fall on the wood surface as this may cause unevenness and odd lines on the finished stain.
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