How To Stain A Fiberglass Door: Easy Process Of Staining A Fiberglass Door To Look Like Wood

Easy Process Of Staining A Fiberglass Door To Make It Look Like Wood

The fiberglass doors usually offer great safety from the hidden robbers but these doors are not having a pleasing appearance. These doors are available in many designs and style variations and nowadays these doors are also available in wooden grain texture styles. Staining a fiberglass door is an extremely easy task that can help you add a splash of inviting color to any entryway. Whether you are looking to add a fun pop of color to your exterior door or stain an interior door in order to make it look like wood, then you are at the right place. First of all, collect the certain tools & materials required for the process of staining before going through the below-mentioned step by step process carefully:

Materials & Tools Required

  • Screwdriver, Wedge, Drill & Dropcloths
  • Paint Thinner, Clean Cloths, Paint & Gel Stain
  • Paintbrushes, Wood Graining Tool
  • Sealer And Hand Gloves

Step 1: Detach The Door

First of all, you need to detach the knob within the door surface with the help of a screwdriver. Then, place the wedge beneath the door edge in order to restrain it from falling the moment when you will detach the door from its hinges. You can use the electric drill or the screwdriver when it comes to detaching the screws that are fastening the door with the hinges. It is advised not to detach the screw that affixes the hinges with the frame, due to the fact that this will make it easy for you to rehang the fiberglass door. Lastly, you need to detach the door within its frame.

Step 2: Cover The Working Area

After detaching the door, it is important to cover as well as protect the working area over the floor surface by using the dropcloths. Then, you need to set the 2 horses before laying down the door over the sawhorses & make sure that each one of the door edges will rest completely over one sawhorse.

Step 3: Clean The Door

Next, you need to wipe down the door surface in order to clean up the grease or the dirt stains by soaking the cloth in the paint thinner. The paint or the stain will not get adhered properly to the door surface if it is dirty or has stains. So, cleaning the door is extremely important before you start staining the door.

Step 4: Apply The Paint

Now, it is time to apply the paint base coat over the entire surface of the door, using the four-inch soft-bristled foam brush. You are advised to use the one-inch brush in order to apply the paint to the minute areas where the normal brush won't fit. Then, allow the paint over the door to get dried off completely.

Step 5: Apply The Gel Stain

Once the paint is dried off perfectly, then, you can apply the layer of the gel stain over the entire panel of the door using the four inch-foam brush. You also need to lift the graining tool downward the door panel by using the twisting motions so as to form the grain texture. It is advised not to drift the graining tool in sideways and then you need to use the soft clean cloth in order to clean down the gel stain in between the pulls. You can use the one-inch brush so as to form the grain texture within the minute areas of the door.

Step 6: Apply Stain To The Large Areas

Once you have applied the stain to the panels of the door, you can apply it over the other door areas and to do so start from the door center and then to the other corners accordingly. If the door does not consist of any panels then you are advised to work in sections as long as you cover up the whole door surface before allowing the gel stain to get dried off completely for almost one day.

Step 7: Apply The 2nd Stain Layer

Once the first layer of the gel stain is dried completely, you need to apply the 2nd gel stain layer to the entire surface of the door using the foam brush again. You are advised not to use the graining tool for this step and then let the door to dry off completely for one more day.

Step 8: Apply The Sealer Layer And Then Rehang The Door

Finally, you need to apply the layer of the sealer to the entire door surface before allowing the sealer to get dried off completely. Once the sealer coat gets dried off, you need to reaffix the doorknobs and then rehang the fiberglass door within its hinges respectively.
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