How To Spray Paint Furniture With A Spray Gun: Steps To Paint Wood Furniture Using Spray Gun

General Overview

The spray gun is the ultimate way to paint wooden furniture pieces in a fast and professional way as it offers even and lustrous finish to the furniture in the lesser time frame.

How To Paint Wood Furniture Using Spray Gun?

Here are some steps that describe how to paint the wooden furniture pieces using a spray gun:

Required Tools

  • Air Compressor
  • Pneumatic Air Brush, Sander
  • Thinner and polishing paper
  • Thinner based polish.

Steps To Follow

1.Sanding: Before getting engaged in the painting process it is very important to sand the wood furniture piece in order to make the surfaces even and smooth.
2.Repeat Polishing: Once the sanding is done using sandpaper than it should be followed by polishing using emery paper till it achieves the desired results.
3.Air Compressor: Clean the furniture surface using air compressor in order to remove dirt and sanding residue.
4.Thinner: For the first coat mix 25% thinner with 75% of varnish and allow it to dry. Once dried again create the mixture of 95% varnish with 5% thinner for the second coat and let it dry again to adhere well with the first coat.
5.Painting: Apply paint with a spray gun by keeping it at the constant distance and let the paint dry properly for over three years. Follow up by the slight sanding process again and go for the second coat with a spray gun.
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