How To Spray Paint Furniture: Steps To Spray Paint On Wood & Metal Furniture

Steps To Spray Paint On Wood Furniture

Spray painting is one of the best ways for painting and provides a smooth look on the surface of the wood furniture. The steps that are needed to be followed while doing the spray painting are as follows:
  1. Choose Appropriate Furniture: While doing the spray painting it is important to choose the type of furniture. Use moisture resistant paint for outdoor furniture products.
  2. Remove All Hardware: Before painting any furniture, for example, dresser, cabinets, drawers, etc the painter needs to remove the components like knobs, handles, etc. Then after the painting is done they can be reassembled again.
  3. Cover Surrounding Area And Objects: The spray painting consists of some particles that can come in contact with the surrounding area and objects. So it is important to cover the area and objects. Newspapers, masking tape, and drop cloth can be used for this purpose.
  4. Sand The Surface Beforehand: Before doing spray painting on wood furniture it is important to sand the surface of the wood to remove rough edges and make the surface smooth.
  5. Clean Thoroughly: After the sanding remove the dust particles from the wood furniture with a soft cloth without using the water.
  6. Paint And Primer: Always use the paint and primer which are compatible with each other.
  7. Practice On A Scrap Object First: For precautionary measure spray paint first on a scrap object so that the paint can be sprayed smoothly and easily on the wood furniture.
  8. Apply Primer Before Paint: Before spraying the paint apply 2 coats of primer on the wood surface. Wait until it dries and then spray paint on the wood furniture.
  9. Avoid To Spray In Dusty Conditions: While spraying paint on the wood furniture check for the weather conditions. If the weather is windy or dusty avoid spraying paint at that time.
  10. Distance: Maintain a distance of 10 inches between the furniture and the spray can.

How To Spray Paint On Metal Furniture?

The steps to spray paint on metal furniture are given below:
  1. Cover The Area: The first step is to cover the surrounding area by using a drop cloth.
  2. Sand The Metal Furniture: Then using a sandpaper remove rust and dirt particles from the metal furniture.
  3. Clean: Then clean the metal furniture with a damp cloth.
  4. Primer And Paint: Then spray thin coat of primer first and spray paint on the metal furniture.
  5. Dry: The last step is to leave the furniture to dry for about 36 to 48 hours.
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