How To Soften A Black Leather Couch: Ultimate Ways Of Softening A Black Leather Couch

Ultimate Ways Of Softening A Black Leather Couch

A leather sofa is an effective and good looking furnishing in a home, but its surface may not be as soft as your liking. In order to soften a leather couch without any extravagant leather products, you can use simple household elements to dampen the leather. It's always the best option to spread softening agents to unobtrusive portions first since some products may darken the leather. A soft leather sofa is an engaging way to assimilate beauty and comfort into your living space. The ultimate ways to soften a black leather couch are mentioned below:

Way 1: Vaseline

Applying vaseline is one of the best ways to soften a black leather couch. You need to choose a small section, nearly 2 by 2 inches, on the back as well as the lower side of the couch & then apply a small drop of vaseline, roughly the size of a pencil eraser, on the leather couch. With the help of a soft clean cloth, wipe the vaseline into the leather. Give the vaseline some time to dry completely and then cleanse the surface in order to get rid of any remaining residue. Feel and test the surface to make sure that you have achieved the intended result. Then perform the same process on the entire sofa, strengthening the spreading size to 6-by-6-inch portions and roughly dime-size amounts of vaseline.

Way 2: Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is the other best way that will make your leather couch soften. You simply need to spread a small quantity of the shaving cream onto a soft damp cloth. But keep one thing in mind that the cloth is moderately damp as the too much water can damage the leather surface. Spread the shaving cream into the leather, using a back-and-forth straight motion that should follow the grain of the leather. If needed, you can reapply the shaving cream, which totally depends on the finish and sucking nature of your sofa. Make sure to keep away from spraying shaving cream directly on the leather and keep on working with a small penny or quarter-size quantities of shaving cream.

Way 3: Mink Oil

Mink oil, composed of milk fat & comprises of natural acid, is another way to soften a leather couch. You simply need to spread a mink oil as directed on the can and make it dry with the help of a clean cloth. Mink oil darkens leather moderately, so you should try the product on a less-visible portion and test the results before you treat the entire sofa.

Way 4: Lanolin

Dampen a sofa with lanolin in order to soften the leather. You will get Lanolin at some discount stores, drug stores as well as online beauty sites. Lanolin is having a natural wax that is usually found in sheep's skin and is essentially used to dampen the skin but also softens leather. Spread a dime-size quantity to a soft, dry cloth and brush it into the leather. Its waxy creation may leave a slender residue, so polish the area with a fresh clean cloth after application. Run lanolin into the leather by applying linear, horizontal strokes. Small circular application techniques frequently leave visible stroke marks that are not easy to buff away.
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