How To Shock A Hot Tub: Reasons & Steps To Shock A Hot Tub

Reasons And Steps To Shock A Hot Tub

Shock a hot tub water is a term that is applied to the job of adding a higher dose of oxidiser chemical than the normal to the hot tub water, which can be also called as oxidising. There are two possible ways which you can use to do this, chlorine shock as well as non-chlorine shock, which are mentioned below:

Chlorine Shock

Due to the fact that this treatment has the chlorine, it is highly recommended to use it only after very heavy use, or only after a freshwater change to higher the chlorine level. While using a chlorine shock, it is very important to recognize that it will also raise the chlorine levels and therefore the user has to wait for it to naturally reduce before using the tub. Leave the cover off for at least 20 minutes and then run a jet cycle. This cycle will help to prevent the chemical damage on the cover as well as on pillows of the hot tub. The user can still use a chlorine shock even if using a bromine sanitizer, however, never mix the chemicals dry. Add the chlorine shock always after a water change or after the heavy use and then wait for the level of chlorine to reduce before adding the bromine.

Non-Chlorine Shock

The other option is a non-chlorine shock that does not disinfect the water, this is why its main use is a weekly treatment simply to oxidize the water and will help to remove the contaminants and also to clear cloudy water. The non-chlorine shock will also help the chlorine to work better by simply creating free chlorine that is the type of chlorine that is needed to kill all the bacteria. Besides all this, it will also help those on bromine for activating the bromine and help it in order to work more effectively.

Why Shock My Hot Tub?

The main reason for shocks to the hot tub is to clean the water, besides this, it also helps to clear cloudy water as well. Other reasons to shock the hot tub are mentioned below:
  • To Kill Bacteria: Chlorine-based shock treatment is designed in a way to sanitize the hot tub water as well as also ensure that it is safe for the users.
  • Remove Organic Contaminants: Shocking will also help to remove the organic compounds that are added to the water by users. When the multiple bathers use the hot tub, the organic contaminants can easily jump to higher levels than the standard sanitizers can handle.
  • Reactivate Sanitizers: The sanitizer such as bromine or chlorine becomes used as it attaches to the various contaminants, shock treatment will help to break the bonds so that all the contaminants will be caught in the filtration system as well as also activates the free chlorine for continue killing the bacteria.

Steps To Shock Hot Tub

The user can very easily shock the hot tub once knowing the capacity of the hot tub. Here is an easy step by step guide:
  1. The first step is to remove the hot tub cover as this will help the oxygen to get to the water.
  2. Ensure that the PH value of the water is correct. PH value must be between 7.2 to 7.6 if using a chlorine sanitizer or between the 7.0 and 7.4 if using a bromine sanitizer.
  3. Turn on the circulation to the water it is moving. If the user has a blower then do not turn this on because it can agitate the water very excessively.
  4. Now measure the 17g of a non-chlorine shock per 1500 litres or 35g of chlorine per 1500 litres. It is advisable to consult the label instructions & this is because different brands use different quantity.
  5. Finally, you need to carefully add the required amount of the shock to the hot tub and leave the cover off for about 20 minutes.
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