How To Shine Linoleum Floors: Steps To Shine

Steps To Shine Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum Flooring is a type of flooring that is manufactured out of natural materials. The natural materials like mineral fillers, wood flour, ground cork dust, pine rosin, and solidified linseed oil are brought together to form the foundation and base of the linoleum flooring. Over time, even after regular cleaning, linoleum flooring may lose its shine and appear dull. The reason behind the dullness could be the stubborn dirt build caused due to discoloration of floor wax that cannot be removed with regular mopping. In order to restore the shine of linoleum flooring, the user needs to follow the below-given steps;
  1. Clean The Flooring: The first step will be to remove all the loose dirt and dust from the linoleum flooring by vacuuming or sweeping.
  2. Prepare Solution: After that, the user needs to prepare a cleaning solution by mixing a cup of ammonia into half gallon water. The solution should be prepared in a gallon-size bucket.
  3. Apply Solution: The next step will be to apply the solution over the entire linoleum flooring by using a sponge or a mop. It has been recommended to let the solution sit for about 5 minutes to loosen the old wax before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Scrub The Flooring: Once the old wax loosens, the user needs to scrub the linoleum flooring with a scouring pad or a nylon brush. The step will help the user in removing the old wax build-up.
  5. Rinse The Flooring: The next step will be to rinse the entire flooring with clean cold water before wiping it dry with a towel. It has been recommended to remove all the loose wax from the linoleum flooring. If required, the user can vacuum or sweep the flooring as well to remove loose wax particles.
  6. Apply Wax: The last step will be to apply suitable wax to the entire linoleum flooring. It is necessary to apply wax as per the label instruction. Besides that, the user can only walk over the linoleum flooring once the wax dries up completely.
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