How To Shape Foam For Upholstery: 6 Easy Steps

6 Easy Steps To Shape Foam For Upholstery

Here are the steps for shaping the foam for upholstery:
  1. Tools Required: Upholstery foam may be difficult to cut from utility knife and scissors, carving knife is considered the best tool for cutting the foam.
  2. Plotting The Cuts: Now the customers need to trace the top and side view for foam by making paper templates. Then the customers can trace the top portion and save the side view.
  3. Cutting The Foam: Then the customers can cut the foam with the help of sharp carving knife and then they need to mark the straight lines on the foam and cut along the straight lines or according to the lines marked on the foam. Then hold the electric knife vertically and perform the cutting.
  4. Cut Details From The Top: The customers need to hold the knife vertically and give shape to the foam by cutting the curves and angles according to the specified shape.
  5. Tracing The Side Views: Now the customers can put the side view template on the sides of the foam and trace the dimensions, then cut the foam accordingly.
  6. Final Cuts: At last, the customers need to cut the foam until the desired shape of the foam is achieved with the help of carving knife. For small cuts, the customers can use the tip of a utility knife.
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