How To Sew Lined Curtains With Rod Pocket: 5 Easy Steps Of Sewing Lined Curtains

5 Easy Steps Of Sewing Lined Curtains With Rod Pockets

A lined curtain with a rod pocket can fulfill many of the roles in a room, both decorative as well as practical. Hung on a decorative rod, a full-length of the stationary panel can frame a window, it will make the window appear larger. The 5 easy steps of sewing lined curtains with rod pockets are mentioned below:
  1. Before starting the process it is important to measure the circumference of the curtain rod. Place the curtain rod into its designated place on the window or at the wall. Now install the outer edge for brackets as close as possible to the finials. Start the measurement from the bottom of the rod to the curtain length that is needed or chosen. Also measure the width of the rod, starting from side to side inside of the end brackets. Pull the rod down and also remove one finial.
  2. Now cut out the drape fabric equal to twice the width of the rod. The fabric cut length must be equal to the chosen curtain length adding the 6 inches for bottom hem also half of the circumference of the rod with the addition of 1 inch. If in case the circumference of the rod is about 4 inches, that time chosen length is 40, then the fabric cut length is 40 and also 6 plus 2 plus one, or the 49 inches. Cut out the lining exactly the same width as the fabric and the length that is equal to the cut fabric length less than 3 inches.
  3. Flip the hem on the face of the fabric up 3 inches twice and then press. After that sew the hem in the place. Now turn the hem on the lining up to the 2 inches twice and then again start sewing it in place. Place the lining as well as the fabric on the right sides together and also align the top edge. Sew with the 1/2-inch seam allowance. Sew the side seams, starting from the top seam that is the distance of half of the circumference of rod and also adds 1/2 inch. Sew with the allowance of 1-inch.
  4. Now press the side seams open. Then turn the bottom of the face fabric with a seam allowance of 3 inches under 1/2 inch and the hand-sew this. Turn out the curtain from the right side and also press down all the seams flat.
  5. Draw a line starting from side to side on all across the top of the curtain as well as down from the top seam a distance that is equal to half the rod circumference with adding 1/2 inch. To create the rod pocket start sewing on this line. Thread the rod into the casing. Replace the finial as well as also arrange the gathers evenly all across the rod.
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