How To Sew Curtains For Beginners: Step By Step Procedure & Items Required Of Sewing Curtains

Step By Step Guide & Items Required Of Sewing Curtains

Usually, the curtains are having a formal look that can add a pleasing appearance to any room. Personally sewing the curtains can be less expensive rather than purchasing it at any home store. The users can choose the fabric of their favorite style and color & they can easily sew the curtains at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined procedure:

Materials Required

  • Fabric, Thread, Pins
  • Measuring Tape, Regular Pencil
  • Table, Washer, And The Dryer


  • Measure The Window: Start by getting the measuring tape and then begin to measure the size dimensions of the window. As per the thumb rule, the curtain requires to measure three times double to the window opening width. For the curtain length, it should fall beneath the trim of the window and the users also need to allow the space for the top and the base rims and thus they can also leave up the two-inch base rim.
  • Measure The Fabric Needed: If in case the users select the ornamented fabric, then they need to run it at least sixty inches wider. If they select the non-ornamented fabric, they need to run near about forty-five inches wider. If in case the users are making the curtains for the two paneled windows, then they need to take the 45-inch sized material. Similarly, they need to calculate the need for the fabric as per their window.
  • Prepare The Curtain Fabric: If the users have bought the cotton blended fabric then they are advised to pre-shrink their curtain fabric which means they have to make it wet and then dry the fabric within the dryer and in this manner, the users will prevent their curtain fabric from getting shrunk. Once the curtain fabric is dried completely then they need to iron down the curtain fabric in order to make it free of the wrinkles when they trim and sew their fabric.
  • Trim And Sew: The users need to lay the fabric over the surface of the table and then trim down the fabric as per the calculated measurements. Once the users trimmed down the fabric pieces then they need to mark down the hems by using the fabric pencil.
  • Iron And Then Hem Down The Sides: Before the users hem down the curtain sides then they are advised to place their fabric on their iron board and they need to fold up the complete length and then gently iron it. Then they need to pin and then sew it. Gently they need to repeat the same procedure for the rest of the curtain sides.
  • Iron The Curtain: After sewing the curtain the users are advised to iron their curtain one more time and then hang their curtains accordingly.
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