How To Sew A Valance With Lining: Step By Step Guide & Items Required For Sewing A Valance

Step By Step Guide & Items Required For Sewing A Valance With Lining

The users can easily add the color splash to their room by having the lined valance. The fabric of the lining will offer the ornamented fabric and will also help in keeping the shape. Usually, there are various ways of the lining and the users can select the same kind of fabric for the lined valance. The users can use the blackout fabric so as to prevent the valance from getting faded in the sunlight or they can also use the different colors so as to match it with the window backs & attain a consistent look. The users can select 1-inch rod or the other ornamented hardware and they can easily sew a valance with lining at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Tape Measure, Lining Fabric, Thread To Match
  • Scissors, Iron, Chalk Or Tailor's Chalk
  • Valance Fabric, Sewing Pins, And Straight Edge

Step I: Measure And Cut

  • Use The Tape: Start by using the measuring tape so as to find out the window width and the window side as well. Then the users need to maximize the calculated measurement so as to attain the average fullness. If in case the users want their valance to have the fullness then they need to use this measurement, that is, three times to the total width, and then the users need to add 1-inch to the total calculations.
  • Find Out The Length: After that, the users need to find out the length that they want for their valance. Usually, the valances are ten to sixteen inches long and this will also depend on the window height. Then they need to select the length in proportion to the window and then add up the 1-inch to the total number.
  • Iron The Fabric: Finally, the users need to iron the fabric before trimming it and then trim the fabric of valance as per the calculated measurements. Trim the fabric of lining as per the same size of the valance fabric.

Step II: Sew The Valance

  • Fold The Valance Back: Start by folding the half-inch to the valance back on the both of the sides and then pin it and at last iron down the seam. The users need to use the straight stitch so as to sew down the seam and then repeat the same procedure with the fabric of lining.
  • Place The Valance Fabric: Then the users need to position the fabric of valance with its right side upwards. Then place the fabric of the lining over to the fabric of valance with its right side downwards. Then pin down the base and the top of the fabric with one another on the valance longest side.
  • Sew Together: After that, sew together the lining and the valance with half-inches from the topmost side as per the valance width. The users need to repeat the same procedure with the base on the depth and then trim it with the shears if required.
  • Rotate The Valance: Finally, the users need to rotate the valance to its inside outward so that it won't display the seams and then iron flat the seams accordingly.
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