How To Set A Bathtub: Step By Step Process & Items Required For Installing Bathtub

Step By Step Process & Items Required For Installing The Bathtub

It is a complex job to install the bathtub but if in case the users somehow are having any experience regarding the construction or the plumbing process then this will be a bit easy for them to install the bathtubs. However, if the users are still not sure about their plumbing experiences then they are advised to call upon the professional one. The users can install the bathtub at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Goggles, Dust Mask, Utility Knife
  • Pliers, Screwdriver, Hammer
  • Pry Bar, Roofing Nails, Pencil Or Marker
  • Jigsaw, Silicone Caulk, Caulk Gun
  • Drill

Step I: Detaching The Pre-existing Tub

  • Turn Off Water Lines: Start by turning off the water from the chief line. This is the primary step to shutting off the water in the bathroom area that they are working in. Then find out the chief water line and turn it off. Turn the faucet on in the bathtub so as to drain out the pipes.
  • Detach The Accessories: The users need to detach the other accessories and then detach the water pipes. They need to use the screwdriver so as to unfasten the faucet in the tub and then detach it within the water pipelines by unfastening it. They need to detach the handles, drain cover at the tub base. If in case the users are having the showerhead then they need to detach it as well. Then they need to detach the plastic cover so as to get access regarding the screws.
  • Detach The Surrounding Tiles: After that, detach the pre-existing surrounded tiles. The users need to uncover the studs that are present within the wall so as to install the fresh bathtub & that is why it is mandatory to detach the pre-existing drywall that is placed back of it. Use the utility knife to trim within the drywall that is around its exterior corner. Also, use the pry bar to pry down the wall and its surrounding tiles from that place. The users are advised to be very careful while doing this without damaging any wires or pipes. They also need to be very sure that they are wearing all the safety gear like the dust mask, goggles while accomplishing this task. They need to work within the top of the base.
  • Approach To The Plumbing: Then the users need to gain the approach to the plumbing. In most of the homes, the users are able to get the approach to the plumbing from another room that is next to the washroom. While in some homes the plumbing is placed beneath the tub on the floor surface. The users need to trim the hole within the wall or within the floor base so a to approach the plumbing process.
  • Detach The Old Tub: The detach the pre-existing tub. Firstly unfasten the drain of the tub and the overflow within the P trap that is placed beneath the tub. If in case the tub is made up of the fiberglass or the acrylic material then they need to trim this within the pieces by using the jigsaw so as to detach it easily. If in case they want to keep their place in the tub then they need to use the jigsaw to trim the rim of the tub that has been nailed with the studs and then pull it out accordingly.

Step II: Fit The New Tub

  • Select The New Tub: Start by selecting the tub that will easily fit the selected place. The users need to calculate the size dimensions of the bay where they will do the tub installation. They also need to calculate the depth and the height of the doorway of the bathroom so as to be assured that the tub will easily fit within the door of the bathroom. Then they need to take their measurements to their nearby home store so as to guide their purchase.
  • Dry-Fit The Tub: Then they need to dry-fit their tub within the bay. In order to make sure that the tub will fit easily the users need to place it to their selected area. Then they need to examine the hole of the drain within the tub line base within the P-trap to the floor surface beneath the tub. They need to be assured that they have the perfect fittings so as to connect the supply lines of the water directly with the faucet that they have purchased accordingly.
  • Install The Ledger Board: Then the users need to install the ledger board. They need to trim it in 2/4 size as per the wall length so that the longer tub edge should be placed over against it. Then they need to calculate lip height or tub rim and then mark down the height calculations over the back wall. Then they need to use the drill to fasten the ledger board with the wall studs so that the ledger board will be placed beneath the rim.
  • Affix The Drain: Then they need to affix the drain with the tub. The users are advised that before they securely place the tub in the selected place they need to affix the drain with it. Then wrap the strainer base with the putty and then press it to the chute of the drain respectively. The users can also use the pliers to fasten the strainer within the inner side of the tube and then detach the unneeded putty.
  • Connect The Overflow: The users then need to connect the drain overflow. They need to use the screwdriver to fasten up the cover of the overflow to the lever within the tub's inner side.

Step III: Secure The Tub

  • Place The Tub: Start by placing the tub in its selected place and then level it. Then fasten the tub with the studs by using the hammer to drive the nails within the rim so as to fasten it to the studs within the wall.
  • Fit Up The Accessories: Then the users need to fit up the new tub surround like the other accessories that include the water handles and the faucet as well.
  • Connect Up Water Lines: Then the users need to connect up the lines of the water and then install down the accessories. Then they need to connect up the drain with the P-trap and then caulk down the tub with the floor.
  • Check The Leakage: Wait for almost one day before the users turn the water supply on. Then after waiting for almost 24 hours they need to turn the water on and examine the leaks. If the users still find some problems then they need to call the professional for this purpose.
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