How To Select A Curtain Rod: Step By Step Process Of Selecting A Curtain Rod

Step By Step Process Of Selecting A Curtain Rod

In the context of the window treatment, the majority of the homeowners usually tend to give a relative significance to the window furnishing, which is the curtains. The most important things to consider before choosing the curtains include the color, style, prints, textures, etc which are screened in detail. However, with regards to the curtain rods, homeowners usually tend to neglect and simply select any curtain rod, they find by chance. But keep in mind that a curtain rod is an essential element of window treatment, which is efficient enough to impart the much desired finishing touch. Before making the final selection of curtain rods, go through the below-mentioned factors carefully:

Step 1: Determine The Place

First & foremost, it is important to determine the place where you want to install the curtain rods. This, as a result, varies with the type of curtain you are applying. Few curtain types appear to be good if installed above the window frame, although the majority of them are installed within the window frame.

Step 2: Choose The Color Of Your Curtain Rod

For the color of the curtain rod, you need to go through the ceiling beams, accent chair, headboard, dresser, etc in your room, due to the reason that your curtain rods should interrelate or match with the other accent pieces. Some of the color examples are listed below:
  • White Or Neutral: If in case your room is, for the most part, white with a bit of contrast, a white curtain rod will mix in perfectly.
  • Bright And Contrasting Accent Colors: Make sure to go with a color that perfectly complements with the rest of your accent decor. If your room is, for the most part, neutrals having dark wood accents, go with darker curtain rods that match.
  • Metal Light Fixtures And Grey Accents: You can also go with brushed stainless rods in order to match with the fixtures.
  • Gold Tones: Gold tones as well as accents will look exceptional with brass curtain rods.

In addition to the color, it is also important to choose the right finish for your lifestyle. Wooden curtain rods can be a great option if in case you are looking for a conventional or midcentury modern appearance. However, wooden rods need to be turned occasionally, so that they don’t loop.

Step 3: Decide The Design And Style Of The Curtain Rod

The next thing is to decide the design as well as the style of the curtain rod. Curtain rods are available in a huge number of designs & styles, as a result, you will have an ample amount of options to select from. Select a decorative rod if in case the rods are to be installed above the window frame, and go for a traverse rod if in case you are installing curtains, which are closed with a triad. Additionally, it is also suggested to analyze the material of the rod. Make sure that the rod is composed of good quality material that is suitable for the climate you live in. You should also know about the fact that the cold, heat, dust, and humidity are the factors that will affect curtain rods. Also, make sure that the curtain rods you choose should match perfectly with the furnishings of the room.

Step 4: Decide The Size Spacer

Another important aspect is to decide the size spacer you want to apply. However, this usually is dependent on the type of curtains you are installing. Rings and hooks are the two main types of spaces, which are generally applied.

Step 5: Select The Finials For The Curtain Rods

Finally, you need to choose the finials for the curtain rods. Finials are regarded as the best decorative pieces, which are secured to both the ends of the rod. Finials are available in the market in a huge number of varieties.
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