How To Secure Sliding Glass Doors: 5 Different Ways Of Securing Sliding Glass Doors

5 Different Ways Of Securing Sliding Glass Doors

One of the most important priorities for the majority of homeowners is safety as well as the well-being of their families. There are numerous security measures that are used in order to secure all the entry points into a home, but there is one entry point that more often than not gets ignored & that is the sliding glass door. Sliding glass doors, as well as the French doors, are considered as a great addition to any home, however, with them also comes risk. If in case sliding glass doors are not secured properly, then they can cause a safety problem, both when it comes to keeping burglars out while keeping little kids in. Therefore, in order to secure your sliding glass doors, you need to follow the below-mentioned 5 easy ways & keep yourself satisfied when it comes to the security issue of the sliding glass doors:

Way 1: Consider Covering Your Doors

The majority of the homeowners are in love with the natural light as well as the views that their sliding glass doors and French doors let in, however, these views can sometimes make the doors unsafe. These types of doors provide a wide variety of looks into your home so that anyone can see the beauty that you want to have. One of the biggest problems is that most sliding glass doors are at the back of the house where it is possible that burglars can take their time to reconnoitre out a house without anyone seeing.
To fix this problem, you need to cover your doors. The majority of the homeowners choose long, vertical blinds due to the reason that they can be easily opened as well as closed. However, it can break easily, particularly if you have pets or children. Other modern options include sliding panels or shutters, which acknowledge for opening and closing but are not as light as vertical blinds. Panels as well as shutters can get costly very quickly, though. If in case you have a limited budget or have pets or kids at your home, that can be destructive, then opt for window film.

Way 2: Install A Sliding Glass Door Lock

One of the best ways to secure your sliding door is by installing a sliding door lock. At the point where stationary glass and the sliding glass doors join, these locks are installed at the top of the door. In addition to the door locks, these locks can function for various purposes and only the adult or tall child can open the lock. They make it very difficult to move or forcefully open the door, from both the inside as well as outside. The majority of these locks have two locking positions, one that will get completely locked & closed and a second that will allow you to lock the door in place at either 3 or 6 inches open for ventilation.
Installing these locks is a very complex process. Close your door entirely, cleanse the upper track on your sliding glass door, put the lock in place and spot holes, drill pilot holes, and then position the lock in place. After finishing the installation process on the top of the upper track, now it is time to follow the same process for the locking piece on the door itself. These locks are both super secure as well as delicate.

Way 3: Get A Security Bar For Sliding Glass Doors

Another exceptional way to secure a sliding glass door is to prevent it from sliding, and there are a huge number of security bars available that help these doors from sliding. Security bars are mostly fixed in the track of your sliding glass door. Charley bars are fixed farther up the door and installed with bolts on at least one end, which permits for the bar to easily fluctuate in and out of place. These can be the best options if in case you have small children who in all probability can meddle with a security bar on the track. After positioning the security bar in the track of your sliding glass door, adjust it with a pressure mounting system such as shower curtain rods. A security bar will not take more than two minutes to get installed. However, as far as the Charley bar is concerned, you will need to have a drill in order to screw on one side. Then, simply set the bar to the correct height and push it into place.

Way 4: Get A Security Door Brace For French Doors

If in case you want to secure French doors, then you rigorously has to stop the doors from opening with the help of a security brace. A brace can hold out against a huge amount of force and pressure, and it will prevent the doors from opening by just holding them in place. If in case the glass is crushed and the doors are not locked, a brace will take hold of them in a closed location.
There are mainly two parts of the door brace that are extremely easy to be installed. One part is attached to the floor at the bottom of the doors. It should be established across where the doors open and lean back flush with the molding on the base of the door. The second part moves smoothly in and out of place and literally pushes up in opposition to the middle where the French doors join. It is only nearly 3 inches high and 9 inches wide, but it is enough for the completion of the process. If in case you want to open your doors, you just slide the second piece out of place and adjust it on top of the door frame.

Way 5: Consider Electronic Options

You can also think of installing some types of electronic security. These options are mostly not very much successful in preventing a break-in but are exceptional at cautioning you or the police to one. The majority of the electronic options are sensors that you can place on your doors and get door sensors as a part of a larger home security system. These monitors will caution you to burglars by reverberating an alarm or by sending a notification to your phone. You can also purchase independent monitors, or glass break detectors, for your sliding glass doors. Glass break sensors can be installed instantly on the door that will sound if the glass is broken. They are not the perfect option for keeping your doors shut, however, they are ideal for allowing you know when your doors are compromised.
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