How To Secure A Bookshelf To The Wall: Steps & Items Needed

Steps & Items Needed To Secure A Bookshelf To The Wall

A bookcase, also known as a bookshelf, is a type of furniture with crosswise shelves, repeatedly in a cabinet, mostly used to store books or some printed materials. The bookshelf is commonly used in some types of private homes, public as well as university libraries, offices, and bookstores. Here are the item list and steps to secure a bookshelf to your wall yourself.

Things You Will Need For This Process

  • Stud Finder & Wall Screws
  • Tape Measure & Washers
  • Pencil & Industrial Hook And Loop Fastener
  • Power Drill & Industrial Hook And Loop Fastener
  • 15- To 20-Inch Woven Straps & Double-Sided Mounting Tape


After collecting all the required items now you need to follow all the given steps to secure your bookshelf to the wall:
  • First of all, you need to pull the bookshelf away from your wall. Measure all the width & height of your bookshelf.
  • Now you need a stud finder in order to locate all the studs on your wall. You can also use a pencil to mark the 2 stud points within the length of your bookshelf. The studs should be within a foot from the top of your bookshelf.
  • Now you need to line up a strap to your stud mark on your wall. You need to mark the stud line-up around halfway through the strap so it has extra room to attach to your bookshelf. Now you need to press a washer against your strap and then hold it tightly against the wall.
  • Now you need to hold the screw in the center of your washer & then use a power drill to drill into your wall. Give your strap a slight tug to be sure that it is secure. You need to repeat this process for your second strap on the other end of your bookshelf.
  • Next, glue an 8" inch piece of the industrial hook and then loop fastener to the loose ends of each strap. Now you have to press firmly until the super glues dry wholly. You can also use the hook or loop side of your fastener. Hook & loop fastener is usually known as the velcro.
  • Now you can apply a piece of the tape( double-sided mounting) to the top of your bookshelf where you made the pencil marks before. Now you need to set all the matching piece of hook and then loop fastener to each mark and then firmly so it stays attached to the mounting tape.
  • This is your final step, simply line all the two straps up to the hook and then loop fastener on the top of your bookshelf. Now, press it down firmly and then they will connect together.
  • This is the tip for this process, alternatively of buying the supplies individually, strap fastener sets such as quake hold will easily provide all the required supplies for the project.
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