How To Secure A Backwards Sliding Door: Different Ways Of Securing A Backwards Sliding Door

Different Ways Of Securing A Backwards Sliding Door

Sliding doors are regarded as the best options if in case you want to allow some extra natural light to enter your home. There is an exceptionally elegant appeal to sliding doors, however, at times they can also be very complicated. You will have an additional room in order to move through and produce a delicate deceptive appearance of extra space, but they may be hard to secure properly. Sliding doors are also the place that an intruder will try & if intended will enter into your home. These doors are considered the weak link and are not as secure as they need to be. Some of the different ways to secure the backward sliding door are mentioned below:

Way 1: If Possible Reverse The Door

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that an intruder can always enter your home, no matter how many and what sort of security systems are used. If in case an intruder has the required knowledge, experience, tools, and time, then they will ultimately be able to get in. Therefore, it is essential to pay full attention to the things we can control & the only thing we can affect the intruder to enter the home is the time needed. Intruders are generally looking for quick hits as they don't waste much time. In order to avoid the intruders enter the home, the best thing to do is to reverse the door. The majority of the modern sliding doors are made reversible, totally dependent on the model as well as the type of the sliding door, this may be possible.

Way 2: Install A Security Pin

Things can get very difficult if in case you want to secure a backward sliding door at the same time you also have an option to keep it moderately open a few inches. The best option is to open the door a few inches and then drill a hole through the frame and into the sliding door & then you can install a security pin or a regular screw on the inside.
A Security Pin is a very simple and affordable way to secure your sliding door. These are ideally tailor-made for outside sliding doors. However, make sure to combine a security pin with other methods in order to secure the door as this type of locking pin is not an essential element in terms of security.

Way 3: Use A Foot Lock

Another easy & best way to secure a sliding door from the opening is to use a foot lock. There is a huge range of foot locks to choose from & one of the best is Andersen Auxiliary Security Lock, Foot Latch, which is usually designed for Anderson sliding doors. However, this type of foot lock can also be used for other sliding doors as well. It is regarded as a solid metal lock that can be used on sliding doors that are on the outside. Foot lock lets you secure the door in two different positions, as a result, you can have it fully closed or partially open. It will also work on most standard sliding doors, provided you calculate the thickness of your sliding door rails.

Way 4: Install A Sliding Door Loop Lock

A sliding door loop lock is another exceptional way to ensure that your sliding door remains securely locked. The best thing about this type of lock is that it gets installed very easily, looks good, and performs the job well. You can also use this type of lock on a backward sliding door but it is totally dependent on the model as well as the design of your sliding door.

Way 5: Add A Security Chain

Another best option to secure a backward sliding door is to install a security chain such as Alise FD9000-B Stainless Steel Chain Door Guard With Spring Anti-Theft Press Lock, Matte Black. It will avert the sliding door from fully opening. However, this is not exactly the most elegant way to do it, but it can also work.

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