How To Seam Carpet With A Clothes Iron: Easy Process Of Seaming Carpet Using A Clothing Iron

Before starting the carpet installation process at your home, you will need to iron your carpet first, and for that you should have a carpet seam iron. However, if the carpet seam iron is not available, then at that time you can also use the simple clothing iron, which will give you as good result as carpet seam iron. The shape of the clothing iron is different as compared to carpet seam iron & it is not heavy at all. If you keep the heat setting of your clothing iron high, it will soften the seam glue of the carpet. Carpet seaming iron is not too much expensive & it is extremely easy to find, but having clothing iron at home will save your time as it is not necessary to purchase carpet seam iron, especially, if you have everything else, required for the process, available at home. After the completion of the ironing process of the carpet, using the clothing iron, now it is time to finish installing the carpet.

Easy Process Of Seaming Carpet Using A Clothing Iron

Ironing a carpet using a clothing iron will make installation of the carpet easy & make it look attractive. Ironing is the first and foremost process, when it comes to the installation of the carpet at home. If you are installing carpet at your home, then you first need to iron it & for that go through the below-mentioned steps carefully & achieve the desired result of your work:
  1. Trim The Carpet Piece: First of all, you need to trim the carpet piece that you want to get replaced & the carpet tape that you will use, to the accurate size, with the help of the box knife.
  2. Fill Iron With Water: Now, make sure that your iron is filled with water before turning it on. Keep the setting of the iron at the hottest position & also to steam. Wet through a white towel in water and then squeeze & twist it in order to ensure that it is not leaking.
  3. Position The Carpet: After that, position the carpet pieces, that you are connecting, bottom up so that the carpet seam tape can be easily placed at the base of the carpet. If in case you are replacing a part of already installed carpet, simply pull it back farthermost enough so that sufficient amount of the undersides are exposed.
  4. Place A Carpet Seam Tape Over A Carpet: Now, it is time to place a carpet seam tape over two carpet pieces & make sure that there is no space betwixt the carpet pieces. Place the carpet seam tape in such a way that it is centered on both pieces, making sure that the adhesive side is facing the carpet pieces. Turn over the towel in half and position it over the carpet seam tape.
  5. Apply The Iron: Lastly, apply the iron to the towel but doing so make sure to move slowly through the whole of the seam. Keep the iron placed in each position for nearly 15 seconds, then go through the length of the iron. Again wet the towel if needed in order to prevent burning. Apply light pressure when using the iron to the carpet.
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