How To Seal Front Door From Bugs: Step By Step Process Of Sealing The Door From Bugs

Step By Step Process Of Sealing The Front Door From Bugs

In order to keep the bugs out of your home, you need to do all you can to keep your house bug free. The precautions that you must take to keep the bugs away from your house include keeping your windows closed, doors shut, keep house neat & clean, etc. But in spite of taking all the possible measures to keep the bugs away, if still, bugs appear then you need to find the way to stop them from entering your home. The most common entry point for the bugs to enter into the house is through the doors & the common solution for this is to sear the front side of the door completely & stop bugs from entering the house. In order to seal the door, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully & get the desired result of your work:
  • First of all, with the help of a flathead screwdriver, unfasten the bolts holding up the roller mechanism on your doors. They can be detected at the base of the door that will be covered by plugs. You should feel the door moving in the downward direction.
  • Now, detach the bolts at the head-stop at the top of the door with the help of a drill. Open the door in the middle, at that particular point you will be able to lift it away from the frame.
  • Next, detach any presently existing weather stripping that may have been fastened to the door.
  • After that, fasten the fin seal weatherstripping, as per the instructions that come with the product, with the help of screws to attach it to both the door as well as the sliding door panel.
  • Detach any old weatherstripping that might be in the slot where the base of the doors fit into and perform the same process for the slot at the top.
  • Install the new seal into these openings and delicately hit the newly weather-stripped openings with a hammer to ensure the seal is in place.
  • Replace the door, installing the base of the door into the base opening, and pushing the top of the door until it’s back in its original position. Then, re-attach the head-stop with the screws you took out earlier.
  • Finally, strengthen the bolts at the base of the door to their original tightness, then replace the plugs.
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