How To Sand And Paint A Wooden Chest Of Drawers: Steps & Items Needed

Steps & Items Needed To Sand & Paint A Wooden Chest Of Drawers

A solid, durable wooden chest of drawers will remain operative long after its front side has started looking worse for wear. If you want to sand & paint a wooden chest of drawer, you first need to gather certain items required for the process & then go through all the steps mentioned below carefully & get the desired result of your work:

Items Needed

  • Screwdriver, Drop Cloths & Dust Mask
  • Orbital Power Sander & Sanding Block
  • 80- Or 100-Grit Sandpaper
  • 150-Grit Sandpaper
  • Cloth, Primer & Paintbrushes
  • Paint For Wood Furniture


  1. First of all, detach all the hardware parts from the chest of drawer, including drawer pulls and knobs, with the help of a screwdriver. Keep all these hardware parts at a safe place, so that you will be able to reattach them later easily.
  2. Make sure you start working in a well-ventilated area & most probably outside or in a garage. Before starting the process, cover your floor, with the help of drop cloths or newspapers, in order to protect it from paint splatters. Also, you need to protect yourself by wearing a dust mask and old clothes. Also, detach the drawer from the chest.
  3. Now, install a power sander with 80- or 100-grit sandpaper & then start sanding the exterior parts of the drawer & the chest as well. Use smooth, equal pressure, hold on to the sander level, and make sure to sand along with the grain of the wood. If possible, displace the chest as well as the drawers in a way so that the surface you are sanding is horizontal. Perform enough sanding process to eliminate the shine of the old finish.
  4. Next, cover 80- or 100-grit sandpaper all over a sanding block and then start sanding any unreachable spots, including corners, joints, and enhancing indentations, by hand. In order to make the surface of the chest of drawer smoother, then you need to sand again, but this time with the help of a 150-grit sandpaper.
  5. Now, moisten a cloth and then get rid of all the sanding dust from the surface. This step is very important due to the reason that any dust or debris that will remain on the surfaces will damage the new paint job.
  6. After that, apply a very fine primer coat all over the sanded surfaces of the chest as well as the drawers with the help of a paintbrush. Give the primer some time to dry & the time recommended is specified on the manufacturer's instruction label.
  7. Next, if in case the primed surfaces still feel rough, then you can smoothly sand these surfaces again by hand. Get rid of the sanding dust and then apply a second, fine coat of primer. Wait for some time for the primer to dry before proceeding further.
  8. Shake the bucket of paint or blend it with the help of an old spoon or stick. Apply a fine layer of paint with the help of a clean paintbrush. Go through your job in the direction of the grain, using minimal brush strokes. Allow the paint to get dried off completely recommended in the manufacturer’s directions.
  9. Now, test the coat of paint for any drips or runs. If in case you find any, smoothly sand them away by hand. Apply a second, fine coat of paint, the same way as the first coat. Give paint some time to dry wholy before deciding whether to go for extra coats of paint or not. If you do, keep every coat fine, and wait for the preceding coat to dry rigorously before applying the next.
  10. Finally, attach back all the hardware parts and replace the drawers.
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