How To Rush A Chair: Easy & Simple Steps

Easy And Simple Steps For Rushing A Chair

Rushing a chair is regarded as one of the traditional methods for creating a seat of a chair having rails around the perimeter. In order to rush your chair, you simply need to go through all the steps mentioned below:
  • Remove: Remove the old rush seat using a utility knife. But make sure not to damage the frame of the chair. Remove any tacks with the help of pliers. After that, cut the rush into lengths of 30 feet, rush comes in a coil of 100 feet or more.
  • Dip: The user needs to dip the rush in a bucket of warm water for about 12 seconds, and then shake off any of the excess water.
  • Tack: Once the above step is done then tack the rush on the inside left rail near the front leg or behind the last tack if the user is following the tip for filling in a gap on the trapezoid-shaped seat of the chair. Start wrapping it around the front rail and then on the left rail so that it is tight against the left front leg of the chair. In order to form a seat pull it across.
  • Loop: Around the right rail, loop the rush and then on the front rail so that it is tight enough against the right front of the chair leg.
  • Back Rail: Place the strand to the back rail and start looping it around the back rail and then around the right rail so that it is tightened right on the back right leg of the chair. Cross all along the back rail and then loop it around the left rail and then on the back rail as this will make it tight against the back left leg.
  • Front Rail: Bring the rush to the front rail and then continue the sequence, in the counterclockwise direction around the seat, until it reaches the end of the piece of a rush. Knock the rushes tight enough against each other with the help of a wooden block and hammer. Install the temporary tacks through the last rush from all the sides as this will help to prevent them from slipping.
  • Tie Another Piece Of Rush: On the end tie another rush with the square knot and then trim off the excess. It is important to position the knot under the seat so it is not visible.
  • Corrugated Cardboard: Place the corrugated cardboard as padding after weaving 10 times around the perimeter of the chair seat.
  • Temporary Tack: Finally the user needs to remove the temporary tack, and then tie on another piece of rush and continue in the same counterclockwise direction on the cardboard until side rails are covered with a rush. Change the weaving pattern for filling the rest of the front as well as back rails.
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