How To Reupholster Furniture: Steps To Learn How To Reupholster Outdoor Furniture

Learn How To Reupholster Outdoor Furniture

The best way to Reupholster Outdoor Furniture is mentioned below:
  1. Get plenty of quality upholstering fabric: First of all, choose the fabric that is thick and can withstand to all wear and tear conditions.
  2. Get All The Tools Ready: Ready the tools that will be used like A flat-head screwdriver, Pliers, hammer, A staple gun with staples, Sewing machine.
  3. Remove The Current Fabric From The Furniture: Carefully remove all the fabric from the furniture by pulling out all the Screws, staples which holds the fabric at the particular place.
  4. Clean The Furniture: Before adding the new fabric it is best to clean all the mess and dirt from the furniture, in case the furniture is damaged repair it before adding new upholstery.
  5. Measure And Cut the New Fabric: Now measure the new fabric on the furniture that is to be upholstered, or simply trace the new fabric on the old one.
  6. Sew The Fabric Where Necessary: Not all the fabric requires sewing, only cushions, piece at corners will require sewing.
  7. Staple The New Fabric To The Furniture: Now staple the new fabric to the furniture, work at one section at a time, make sure there should be no gaps or folds to the edges so that it will look smooth.
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