How To Reupholster An Ottoman With Buttons: Easy Steps

General Overview

Ottoman is the fabulous footstool furniture piece that offers both comfort and style to the living room. This beautiful furniture piece makes TV watching, reading, and other stuff so comfortable. With the time ottoman may get dull and lose its original grace but it can be easily reupholstered with the new fabric that matches the interior decor. Reupholstering ottoman adds more life to it.

Easy Steps To Reupholster An Ottoman With Buttons

The easy stepwise methods to reupholster an ottoman with buttons are mentioned below:

Things That Are Required

Things that are required for reupholstering are mentioned below:
  • Coffee table, Foam.
  • Quilt batting, Buttons, Paint.
  • Upholstery thread, Needles, Nailhead trims.
  • Fabric.

Step Wise Method

Follow the stepwise method to reupholster the ottoman with buttons:
  1. Coffee Table: Shorten the legs of the coffee table to give in the shape of the pub ottoman.
  2. Drill Holes: The holes need to be drilled in the shape of the diamond grid to the table. Drilling at least twelve holes are recommended.
  3. Foam: The foam needs to be cut in four square pieces and adjust them all at the top of the table for extra comfort. In order to create stiffness use less foam.
  4. Batting: Once the foam is attached to the table apply the stack 1" quilt batting over it. This will add extra padding to it.
  5. Painting: Apply the desired color paint or stain to the ottoman legs to make it look more enhanced.
  6. Wrapping: Lay the fabric over the foam and batting and staple all four sides securely to make foam placed in the stable position.
  7. Buttons/Tufts: Thread the upholstery buttons to the foam and fabric using matching thread and needle. Ensure to push the needle deep in order to reach to the drilled holes, foam, and batting. Staple the end of the thread to secure it beneath the table.
  8. Stapling: Staple the fabric beneath the ottoman using staple gun this will give it a shape of the muffin top.
  9. Nail Trims: Dig the small holes around the bottom edges and at the corners of the table to attach the nail heads for decor. This can be done using the rubber mallet and it’s done. The beautiful tufted ottoman with buttons is ready to enhance the interior of the room.
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