How To Reupholster An Armchair: Wooden Arms, Sewing, Antique, Old Chair

How To Reupholster An Armchair With Wooden Arms?

The reupholstering of the furniture is the best way to update its look and make it trendy again with modern interiors. Some of the steps to reupholster an armchair with wooden arms are given below:
  1. Take Measurements: Take the measurement from all the sides and edges in order to cut the new fabric accordingly.
  2. Take Off The Old Fabric: Remove all the old fabric along with the foam without harming the wooden basis or frame.
  3. Upholstery Foam: Keep the upholstery foam on the chair seat exactly according to its requirement. All need to take the accurate measurement once done cut as per the dimension and remove the excess.
  4. Spray Adhesive: Apply the spray adhesive over the foam and allow it to get set for waiting minutes or two.
  5. Cotton Batting: Get cotton betting and keep it over the chair seat take the measurement and cut it as per the dimensions. Keep a tiny mark on the front side of the batting for identification purposes. Place the fabric piece on the cut batting and cut it according to its shape to use on the armchairs.
  6. Batting And Fabric: Both pieces of trimmed batting and fabric needs to be carefully placed together and keep both on the upholstery foam.
  7. Smooth: The batting needs to be smooth down and attached to the foam using straight pins.
  8. Turn The Seat: Turn the seat and attach the fabric by securing it with the staples.
  9. Keep Chair Back In Normal Position: Keep the chair in the straight direction and start folding the fabric throughout the armchairs and follow up by securing it with using staples.

How To Recover An Old/Antique Armchair Without Sewing Machine?

The main steps to recover the Armchair without using a sewing machine are mentioned below:

Required Items

The main items required to recover the old/antique armchair are mentioned below:
Drop Cloth: Large Canvas
Pinking Shears: Scissors featured with sawtoothed blades.
Needle And Thread: Long Upholstery needle with Armchair matching thread.
Other Items: Hammer, 2 cans sprayable adhesive, and Upholstery pins or strip.


1.Canvas Drop Cloth: The canvas drop cloth is required to cover the entire piece of the armchair.
2.Measuring: Take measurements of each side and cut the piece accordingly.
3.Spray Adhesive: Apply to spray adhesive on all sides of the chair including top, bottom and sides.
4.Sew: Leave some edges open and sew them using the long upholstery needle and matching thread. This will add some style to it.
5.Bottom Edges: Cover the bottom edges with rest of the canvas dropping cloth according to the measurement.
6.Cushion: Cushions also need to be wrapped with the canvas cloth by gluing top and bottom.
7.Hammer: Once each piece of the armchair is properly covered and gluing, attach them with the chair using upholstery pins and a hammer.
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