How To Reupholster A Storage Ottoman: Easy Steps To Reupholster

Easy Steps To Reupholster A Storage Ottoman

Ottoman is one of the forms of the couch that is having a head but no back. These kinds of couches are of different shapes including square, cube, chest shaped or semicircular ends with a lifting or hinged top and you will not see the wood on the couch. It is used for a stool or alternative sofa. Another benefit of the ottoman is that it gets used as a footstool also. It may also denote an upholstered seat without the back and arms. The modern designs of the ottoman are very simple and make covering the items inexpensive and fast. Here are the steps in order to reupholster your storage ottoman:
  • First of all, you have to remove the fabric from the ottoman. The top and the bottom of the ottoman are attached separately. You need some things here such as staple puller, clay hammer, pliers, flat screwdrivers, or similar removal tools. For opening the seams you need a seam ripper.
  • You have to iron the cover pieces if necessary and label each and every piece. Now you have to place the pieces of ottoman fabric. Change the old piece with the new one. If you see the fabric has a design then it matches it perfectly. Now cut down the new covers accordingly.
  • Take the top cover on the ottoman lid. Be careful here as you have to install or attach it like the original cover was attached. You have to turn over the fabric on the edges under 1/4 to 1/5 inch and have to stitch it. Use glue to the edges of the ottoman lid where you see the fabric is stapled.
  • Now pull the edge up and staple the center of the ottoman than sewn the underside of the lid. Staple all the sides top, bottom, left and right. You have to start it from the center to the corner. You should press the fabric on the glue. Fold the corners twice and staple it to finish.
  • Now you have to sew the sides of the new cover of the ottoman. Make sure you sew it hard to make the sides or seams stronger. From the top edge of the bottom ottoman box, you have to draw a level line of 1-inch. Now insert the cover in and out of the ottoman box and check whether the fabric on the top edge of the ottoman is upright or not.
  • Now you have to position the fabric cover 1/2 inch from the top edge of the box. Use the hammer to tack strip flat of 1" inch line and tack the strip into place.
  • Now you need to bend the tack strip to give inside the shape to the box. Now line-up the fabric & place tack strip and hammer over it. You need tin snips and heavy scissors to cut the tack strip.
  • Now see the center bottom of the ottoman box and pull up the fabric. You need to bend the fabric from each side and down the fabric from the outer side of the box. Now you have to pull the fabric taut & then check the corner's alignment. Simply turn the box upside down.
  • This is your final step, pull the top center fabric to the back underside. Properly glue and staple the fabric with the help of a stapler. Pull other sides, firstly bottom then left, at last right. Staple again from center to the corners. Now you have to fold the corners neatly and cleanly then staple them. Check all the corners fully and trim off the extra fabric with the help of a scissor.
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