How To Reupholster A Kitchen Chair With Vinyl: Steps

Steps To Reupholster A Kitchen Chair With Vinyl

Here are given steps that help the customer to reupholster a kitchen chair with vinyl:
  1. Collect Tools: The first step is to gather the material and tools that are required for reupholstering a kitchen chair with vinyl like screwdriver or wrench, staple remover, vinyl, and scissors.
  2. Flip The Chair: Turn over the chair and bring the wrong side of the chair in an upward direction. Use a screwdriver or wrench to remove bolts and screws from the chair and take away the seat from the chair frame.
  3. Remove Staples: Next step is to take a staple remover and remove the staples from the chair seat and back. After removing the staples take away the batting and old vinyl from the chair.
  4. Cut New Vinyl: Trace the dimensions for the new vinyl by placing the old vinyl on the new vinyl and mark dimensions with the help of a marker. Then cut the vinyl along the marked lines with the scissors.
  5. Cut Batting: Next step is to cut the batting, place batting on a smooth surface and put new vinyl on the batting. Take a scissor and cut the batting according to the size of new vinyl.
  6. Flip Vinyl And Batting: Align the batting and vinyl evenly and turn the batting and vinyl so that the vinyl remains under the batting and batting faces upwards.
  7. Wrap One Side Of Batting: Now lay the upper side of chair seat on the batting and start to cover the one edge of the seat with vinyl and batting and then staple. Repeat the same with the opposite side of the seat.
  8. Wrap Remaining Sides: Grip the remaining batting and vinyl from one side and cover the bottom of the seat by stapling. Repeat the procedure with the leftover side and tightly pull the batting and vinyl then staple them.
  9. Fix Corners: Turn and fold the vinyl and batting across the one corner and staple with the bottom by using four staple pins so that vinyl and batting securely attaches with the seat. Then repeat the same with the other corners.
  10. Trim And Reassemble: Remove extra vinyl and batting from the seat by using a scissor. Then reassemble the chair and securely attach the nuts and bolts with the frame of the chair.
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