How To Reupholster A Bar Stool Cushion: Easy Steps To Upholster & Recover

Easy Steps To Upholster & Recover A Bar Stool Cushion

The easy steps to Upholster & Recover A Bar Stool Cushion are as follows:
  1. Flip: The first step is to flip the bar stool upside down, then carefully remove all the staples that hold the upholstery, in case the staples are very difficult to remove that time the user can use a flat-head screwdriver to pry them out.
  2. Remove: Now, carefully remove the old fabric as well as foam for the stool. Try to remove the old fabric without tearing or worn as it will be used as a template for the new upholstery.
  3. New Upholstery Fabric: Now the next step is to spread the new upholstery fabric on the work table but keep the face down, in the same way, lay the old removed fabric on the new fabric, then carefully trace down the outline of the old fabric on the new one with the fabric marker or pencil.
  4. New Foam: Now cut the new foam according to the old foam, trace in the same way as it did in the fabric.
  5. Residue: Now the user needs to remove any left residue from the base of the bar stool, the stool should be in an upright position after that apply or spray the adhesive on the foam, then align the foam at the center of the base and press, after that place a heavy book or weight on the foam, this will help the foam to be in right place while adhesive dries.
  6. Cut The New Fabric: Now cut the new fabric according to the traced lines, then again flip the bar stool upside down on the new fabric the foam should be at the center of the fabric.
  7. Gather The Fabric: The next step is to gather the fabric that is around the seat in one place, then fix it with the staple gun, on another side gather the fabric and staple, carefully pull the fabric as taut as possible.
  8. Seat Bottom: Now again gather the fabric at the bottom and then stapling it in place at least every inch or two. In case of the extra overlap and fold under the seat, then trim the excess fabric with scissors.
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