How To Restore Wood Furniture With Vinegar: Steps To Restore Wood Furniture With Vinegar & Olive Oil

Steps To Restore/Fix Wood Furniture With Vinegar & Olive Oil

In order to restore the wood furniture with Vinegar & Olive Oil please follow the steps given below:
  1. Removing Dust: First of all, remove any cushion from the furniture, then Vacuum or dust the furniture. To gently clean the furniture and cracks use the non-spinning brush that is attached to the furniture or damp clean cloth and rub the furniture.
  2. Cleaning With The Vinegar: For every cup of the water mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar, then Find an inconspicuous area to test. To test the area dampen the cloth in the application if there are no negative effects then proceed with the process. Rub the furniture with the moistened cloth gently in a circular motion along the grains of the direction.
  3. Buff Out Excess Moisture: In order to buff the wood use a clean cloth in a circular motion.
  4. Polishing With Vinegar And Oil: Mix the white vinegar with the olive oil then Apply the application to a cloth use a soft clean cloth and dip it into the solution, don't pour the solution directly on the furniture, once finished buff out excess moisture with a dry cloth, in case the marks are still visible then apply the solution and buff again.
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