How To Restore Mahogany Furniture: 7 Easy Steps

7 Easy Steps To Restore Mahogany Furniture

The wood of the mahogany tree is used to make mahogany furniture. The mahogany wood furniture is mostly placed in the study room or in the living room to keep some useful items, but when the mahogany furniture gets old then it looks ugly and needs to be repainted or repaired. Here are some easy steps to restore the mahogany furniture. The user needs to follow the given steps carefully to get the best results.
  1. Mix: In order to start the restoring process of the mahogany furniture the user needs to make a mixture of 1 tbsp. of vinegar with 236ml of water in a water bowl.
  2. Wash: The user need a soft & clean cloth to wash the mahogany furniture with the created mixture. After that start washing the mahogany furniture with clean cloth.
  3. Rub: After washing the mahogany furniture, the user needs to rub the surface of mahogany furniture with a clean & soft cloth.
  4. Polish: Use turpentine polish on mahogany furniture with soft cloth, rub it for nearly 2 or 3 times.
  5. Linseed: Linseed oil is helpful to make shiny surface of the mahogany furniture. The user needs to soak a clean cloth in linseed oil before rubbing the furniture and leave it on furniture for nearly 12 hours.
  6. Wipe Off: Start wiping the furniture surface with a lint-free cloth to make a shine on furniture.
  7. Warm Water: Finally the user needs to polish the furniture with warm water-dipped cloth.
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