How To Restore Leather Furniture Naturally: Steps To Restore Leather Furniture Naturally

What Are The Steps To Restore Leather Furniture Naturally?

The steps to restore leather furniture affected by stains with natural products are mentioned below:
  1. Vacuum The Furniture:
    First, the user needs to vacuum the whole leather furniture in order to remove all the debris and dust from the furniture surface as well as from its folds. The experts recommend using the necessary attachments to the vacuum in order to get in the crevices.
  2. Wipe Out The Surface:
    The next step will be to wipe out the whole surface with a dampened cloth dipped in warm water in order to remove loose dirt from the surface. It has been recommended to be gentle & quick in this step because the dampened cloth can sometimes discolor the unfinished leather.
  3. For Ink Stains:
    In order to remove ink stains from the leather furniture, the user needs to dip a cloth swab in rubbing alcohol and then rub the cloth swab gently on to the marks till the ink begins to lift. The cotton swabs need to be changed often in order to reduce the bleed. As soon as the stain marks are removed from the leather furniture, the user needs to wipe out the excess alcohol from the leather using a clean dampened cloth.
  4. For Protein-Based Stains:
    For removing protein-based stains such as food & blood stains, the user needs to apply a paste on to the stains containing 1 part of lemon juice and 2 parts of cornstarch. Once the stains are removed, the user needs to wipe out the entire surface with a clean damp cloth.
  5. For Scratches:
    The user can erase the scratches from the leather surface using a mild oil such as olive or baby oil. All user needs to do is dip a cotton swab in the oil and rub the scratches with it until the scratches are well covered. After that, the user needs to let the oil sit on the scratches for 5 minutes before buffing the excess oil using a dry clean cloth.
  6. For Overall Cleaning:
    In order to clean the entire leather surface, the user needs to prepare a solution by mixing one part of olive oil into two parts of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Before using the solution on the leather surface, it is necessary to shake the bottle well and in order to cut the vinegar smell, the user can add few drops of fragrant essential oils in a solution. The user needs to spray the solution on to the leather furniture and massage the surface with a clean cloth in circular motions until the whole surface is cleaned. Also, in order to deal with problematic areas, the user can rub the soft brush on to the areas as well. Once completed, excess oil needs to be removed from the surface using a dry paper towel.
  7. Finish The Leather:
    In order to restore the luster of the leather furniture, coconut oil is the best option. It has been recommended by the experts to use coconut oil and rub the leather surface with it in circular motions with a dry & clean cloth. The excess coconut oil should be removed from the leather surface after it penetrates the surface for 10 minutes by buffing it out with a clean cloth.
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