How To Restore Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding And Varnishing: Steps

Steps Required To Restore Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding And Varnishing

Painting kitchen cabinets without sanding and varnishing is possible using mentioned steps:

Items Required

  • Grease Cutting Cleaner And scrubinbg sponge.
  • Wash cloth, liquid deglosser, and screwdriver.
  • Paint brush, silver spray paint, paint roller.
  • White cabinet enamel, Painter's tape, Thumbtacks.


  1. Clean Dirt: Ensure to clean all the dirt and grime from the cabinets by scrubbing sponge and follow by wiping it using the grease cutting cleaner.
  2. Liquid Deglosser: Make use of Liquid Deglosser this will eliminate the use of the sanding and varnishing. Pour the Deglosser on the clean cloth and apply over the cabinets in circular motions.
  3. Separate Hardware: Before proceeding make sure to remove hardware like hinges, etc with the help of the power drill or either simply using a screwdriver.
  4. Inside Cleaning: Cleaning inside cabinets is recommended by separating the shelves.
  5. Paint: Place the cabinets on the floor and apply the white cabinet enamel in thin coats.
  6. Thumbtacks: The thumbtacks are required to fit into each corner of the door.
  7. Paint: Apply paint on all parts like Molding, Front Side, Shelves, hardware, wall units, using a paint roller and let them dry completely.
  8. Finish: Once dried reassemble the cabinets and use them again.
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