How To Reshape Couch Cushions: Easy Steps

General Overview

After the long use, the couch cushions lose their shape and become flattened and uncomfortable. So rather than throwing out these cushions, they can be re-shaped to use again. The re-shaping of the cushions does not only give them an exceptional look but is very economical too. Re-shaping the flat cushions is a very easy and quick process and will also add the extra life to them.

Easy Steps To Reshape Couch Cushions

The various steps to re-shape the couch cushions are mentioned below:
  1. Foam Removal: Foam needs to be removed from the cover.
  2. Foam Checking: After the foam is removed check it for the issues if it needs the complete replacement or some parts need to be removed. For checking press the foam with finger or thumb deep approximately 1/4 inch. This need to be done for the entire surface of the foam pieces that are broken it can be repaired at an early stage. If the foam piece is entirely damaged than it needs to replace with the new one. Lastly, if there are no signs of the disintegration then adding the few pieces of the new foam rather than changing entirely will do the job.
  3. New Foam Piece: The new foam piece needs to be added according to the measurement of the cushion covers but keep 1/2 inch extra on the width and length.
  4. Batting: Now the batting needs to be attached with the foam using spray adhesive. Apply the adhesive to top, bottom and front of foam.
  5. Lay On Batting: Once the application of batting is done lay the foam over the batting and press from all sides to make it sit over the foam securely.
  6. Trimming: The excess batting needs to be trimmed from the top, bottom, and front.
  7. Silicon: Spray silicon over the new cushion cover and insert it into the cover again and close the zip and use the reshaped cushions again with comfort.

Reshaping Loose Fill Cushions

Re-shaping loose fill cushions require the following steps:
1.Zipper Closure: Open the zipper closure to examine the loose filler inside it.
2.Remove Loose Filler: The loose filler needs to be removed in big plastic bag sprayed with the anti-static spray. Alternatively, if the filler is in the fabric bag then simply remove the bag from the cushion and empty it by opening its seams.
3.Filler Condition: The condition of the filler needs to be properly determined in order to make a replacement. The powdered, small parts like filler call for replacement with the new one.
4.Replacement Filler: Get the filler bag and fill it with the replacement filler. Make sure to use the top quality filler only.
5.Overstuffing: Try a little bit of the overstuffing this will keep cushions lofted for longer.
6.Sew Seams: After filling is done sew the open seams and treat the bag with the silicon spray. Lastly, insert the cushion cover to use the new reshaped cushion.
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