How To Replace Sliding Closet Doors: Step By Step Guide Of Replacing Sliding Closet Doors

Step By Step Guide Of Replacing The Sliding Closet Doors

The sliding doors are built in a way to glide horizontally on the metal tracks that are fixed on top as well as on the bottom frames. There are the rollers right on the side of the door for the opening purpose. On the opening, the shutter-like closings recede in a slot, without any getting into the outward space, if the user wants to replace the sliding closet doors then follow the steps mentioned below carefully:
  1. Start the job simply by removing the old door. For that pop the door rollers off from the track, the user needs to unscrew the track from the header and after that remove it.
  2. Once the above step is done then take a pry-bar or the claw hammer, pull off all the trim as well as casing of the old door opening.
  3. Now frame in the new opening for the closet, start the measurement from the outside of the existing opening, for instance, if the measurement is 31 inches from each side, and nail in 2x4 uprights. Also, it is important to make sure they are vertical at a proper level. Space that is between the 2x4's is filled in with the drywall. Once the user has made sure that there is a 31-inch opening for both doors, after that measure the space between the openings of a new door as well as cut a piece of the drywall to fit.
  4. The important point to remember is that the drywall is very easy to cut. Simply start by scoring into the paper covering with the help of a utility knife. Screw-in the drywall to the 2x4s from the inside, as well as also install another piece from the outside. Prime as well as paint the drywall.
  5. Install the doors simply by nailing the doorframe right on the hinge side with the frame, then make sure the doorframe is at the proper level. The next step is to make sure that the top is at level, after that work down the latch side, also it must be at the level. Use the carpenter's shims to make everything tight. Finally, the user needs to install the casing and trim with the help of a finish nailer. Prime as well as paint all the doors and trim.
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