How To Replace Missing Window Screens: Step By Step Process Of Replacing Missing Window Screens

Step By Step Process Of Replacing Missing Window Screens

Window screens are regarded as one of the effective & simple ways when it comes to keeping bugs as well as pests out of the home & at the same time inviting fresh air indoors. Also, screens can be very helpful in filtering sun and dampen outside noise. However, the screens or their frames can have a detrimental effect easily or in other words gets damaged easily. Wood window frames can shrink, on the other hand, vinyl or aluminum window frames can warp, which as a result causes the screen joints to loosen as well as the screen mesh to sag. Some of the common problems in window screen mesh include minor holes and tears. You can use screen repair tools, such as adhesive, spline rollers and pre-manufactured patches in order to patch a window screen. Hold on to the bent, old screen spline if it is flexible and can be shifted back into place. If not, then you need to buy a new window screen spline for a longer-lasting window frame repair.

Tools & Materials Needed

  • Flat-Head Screwdriver
  • Utility Knife & Clamps
  • Spline Tool
  • Screen Mesh & Spline
  • Frame Corners
  • Screen Frame-Stock

Step 1: Cut The Metal Frame Stock

You can easily get screen-frame stock from most of the home centers which is reasonably inexpensive. Start by cutting the metal frame-stock with the help of a hack saw and miter-box. In order to save time as well as make sure uniform lengths, cut two lengths of stock together at the same time. Trim the equally long top as well as bottom pieces together, before the two identical side-pieces. The lengths of frame can be trimmed straight with no need for miter cuts, due to the fact that the corners of the frame are joined together using L-shaped corner clips.

Step 2: Install The Corner Clips & Choose A Screen Material Type

Now, move the corner clips smoothly into the ends of the frame stock. Vinyl cloth or fiberglass are two of the most durable or long lasting types of screen mesh that are available in a huge range of colors and shades. Aluminum screens offer excellent visibility, however, they are subject to damage. Solar fiberglass screens cut down on the amount of UV rays as well as sunlight and are great when it comes to protecting furniture or wall-to-wall carpet. This type of screen is more expensive when compared to others.

Step 3: Lay The New Screen Mesh Over The Frame

As soon as you have cut and assembled the frame, it is time to install the screening wire. Place the screen mesh over the frame, and use clamps in order to secure it and hold it flat as well as tight while you work. If the material has come from a roll and is not excellently flat, position it on the screen concave-side down.

Step 4: Press The Spline Into The Frame

The screen is supported in the frame by spline material, also available at home stores. Untwist a length of spline and install it by pressing it into the frame's groove with the help of a rolling spline-tool. Firmly pull the spline tight with one hand as you rigorously & thoroughly press it into the groove using the roller. Make sure not to allow the roller to slip out of the groove, due to the reason that it could damage the screen mesh.

Step 5: Press The Spline Into The Corners

In order to reach the corners of the frame where the roller won't reach, you can use a flat-head screwdriver in order to press the spline into the corner and continue on with the spline tool. As the spline goes into the groove, it will help pull the screen taut. Always work in the same direction using the roller, making sure not to back the wheel up.

Step 6: Trim The Spline And Excess Screen Mesh

After installing spline completely around the frame and come back to the starting point, cut the spline to length with the help of a utility knife. Also, using the utility knife cut the excess screen mesh from the outside of the frame. Allow the blade to ride through the outside of the frame's groove in order to ensure a straight, clean cut.
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