How To Replace Hardwood Floor Planks: Steps For Replacing

How To Replace Hardwood Floor Planks

The users can easily Replace their Hardwood Floor Planks by following the below-mentioned steps:

Remove The Old Hardwood Planks

  1. Gather All The Material And Tools: The users need to start by gathering all the materials they require while performing this procedure like New hardwood planks, pry bar, circular saw, Rubber mallet, wood glue, braid nails, hammer, wood filler, Polyurethane sealer, and wood stain as well.
  2. Wear The Gloves, Mask, And Googles: Wear the rubber gloves, mask, and the eye goggles as well to protect themselves from the dust and the debris particles.
  3. Calculate The Size Dimensions: The third step is to measure the exact size dimensions of the loose hardwood plank and use the circular saw to create the perpendicular cuts in the exact direction of the loose hardwood plank.
  4. Detach The Hardwood Planks: Use the pry bar and the mallet to detach the loose hardwood plank from the floor. Once they successfully detached the first plank after that they have to detach all the other hardwood planks from the floor.

Prepare The Subfloor

  1. Remove The Nails And Use The Sandpaper: Once the users removed all the hardwood planks from the floor after that they need to detach all the staples and the nails from the subfloor by using the nail claw. After that, use the sandpaper and rub it over the entire surface of the hardwood floor to remove all the existing paint, any other sticky material and the humps from the floor accordingly.
  2. Use The Vacuum: vacuum to clean away all the dust and the debris particles from the subfloor.

Install The Hardwood Planks

  1. Let The Hardwood Planks To Be In The Room: Before installing the new hardwood planks the users are advised to place the hardwood planks in the room where they are going to install that for near about three days so that the new hardwood planks will get adjusted to the environment of the room.
  2. Install The Hardwood Planks: After that, lay the longest piece of the hardwood plank to the opposite side of the wall and affix it by using the braid nails or the wood glue as well. Install the remaining hardwood planks accordingly.
  3. Wipe Away The Excess Glue: Use a soft rag to wipe away all the excess wood glue from the floor. Then they need to let the floor to dry for near about 24 hours.
  4. Use The Wood Filler: Then they also need to use the wood filler to cover up all the nail holes on the wood floor and then stain the hardwood planks accordingly.
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