How To Replace Garage Door Side Springs: Proper Procedure Of Replacing Garage Door Springs

Proper Procedure Of Replacing Garage Door Side Springs

The side-mounted springs of the garage door are long heavy springs that are mounted on both sides of the upper garage door track. With the help of pulleys, they perform the same function as the torsion springs. They usually come under the tension when the garage door is closed to make lifting of the door easy. The proper procedure for replacing a garage door side spring is as follows:
  1. Release The Tension On The Spring: It is important to release the tension on the garage door springs before beginning the adjustment or replacement process. This is done by simply opening the garage door as full as possible until it hits at the stop bolt on the track. Hold the garage door in the same position simply by attaching a C-clamp to the track that is at a point which is below the lowest door roller.
  2. Emergency Release Rope: Just because the door is fully open it does not mean that the spring tension is completely released. The user can use the emergency release rope to simply disconnect the opener from the door and then push the door up as far as possible without damaging the opener. Then clamp in the same way as described above.
  3. Safety Cables Installed: If in case there are the safety cables installed, then they should be disconnected and removed from the springs as well. The old spring is usually attached at two points. One point or end is a fixed attachment to the garage door track and the other end is attached with a pulley into which the garage door cable is threaded. Disconnect these 2 attachments and then reattach the new spring in the same way. It is important to be sure not to twist the cable while reattaching the pulley.
  4. Check The Pulley: While the pulley is disconnected from the spring, check it for any issue. If the pulley bearings are very sloppy and have a lot of wobbles, then replace the pulleys.
  5. Test The Door Once For Proper Function: After all the attachments are done, check the door once again for proper function before connecting the safety cables. The new side springs may be too lively and the door may not be able to close all the way. In that case, the user will have to look at the bare end of the garage door cable which is attached to the garage door track, and then loosen it by an inch or two. This end could be attached by simply means of a special clip and with an S-hook. In that case, adjust by repositioning the S-hook in a different hole in the track.
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