How To Replace Floorboards: Step By Step Guide & Items Required

Step By Step Guide & Items Required To Replace Floorboards

The wooden floor usually lasts for a longer period of time and these floors usually add warmth and a beautiful appearance only if they are maintained with proper care. If in case the floorboards get damaged it cannot be repaired so easily and that is why the users need to replace those destroyed floorboards. The users can easily buy the new floorboards at their nearby mill shop or at the lumberyard shop. The users can easily replace the floorboards at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Drill, Spade Drill Bit, Circular Saw
  • Hammer, Chisel, Pry Bar
  • Pliers, Utility knife, Rubber Mallet
  • Twist Drill Bit, Floor Nails, Carpenter's Glue
  • Nail Setting Tool And Wood Putty


  • Drill Up The Holes: Start by drilling up the holes in each floorboard edge that the users are intending to get replaced, by using the half-inch sized drill bit. They need to use the small-sized blade if in case the floorboards are thinner than one inch.
  • Saw Down The Board: Then saw down the floorboard center by using the circular saw and additionally with the blade of the saw that is 1/16 inch deep than exactly the floorboard depth. The users need to lay the saw over the floor and position the blade in a backward way in between the 2 drilled holes. They need to hold up the saw gently and then switch it on and then reduce the blade. Then gently move the floorboard and the ending at the other hole. Then the users need to saw the 2nd blade and then trim the adjacent cut along to the 1st cut by following the same technique. The users are advised to leave near about half-inch in between the cuts.
  • Detach The Central Cut: The users then need to use the hammer and the chisel so as to loosen up and then detach the central trim. They need to keep on using the hammer and the chisel and the prybar as well to detach the leftover floorboard. If in case the users located any nails then they need to detach them by using the pliers or the prybar as well. Then they need to rip off the floorboard tongue if in case the users want to connect the fresh new board.
  • Measure The Blank Space: The users then need to calculate the blank area and then trim down the fresh new board so that it will fit up with the blank space by using the circular or the hand saw. Then turn down the board and then determine the board groove edge. They need to use the utility knife so as to entirely detach the groove base that lets the board get fitted across the tongue of the neighboring floorboard.
  • Lay Down The New Board: The users then require to lay the fresh new board in the place, set the detached groove across another floorboard tongue. If in case the floorboard is snug they need to tap it down into exact place by using the nail and the rubber mallet and then nail down the board by drilling down the 2 nail holes in each board end and then tapping down the nails accordingly. If desired the users can also use the glue to the base area of the floorboard and then tap it down in its exact place. The users are then advised to place any heavy objects or the books over the board top so as to hold it in exact place for one night.
  • Set Down The Nails: Then set down the nails if required by placing the setting tool within the groove over the nail head. Then tap down the tool by using the hammer till the nail head will set below the wood surface. Then apply the wood putty over the head of the nail and let the putty to get dried off completely. Then sand down the putty till it gets flushed with the surface of the floor.
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