How To Replace Awning Fabric: Three Easy Steps & Items Needed

Three Easy Steps & Items Needed To Replace The Awning Fabric

If you have an awning at your place and you want to replace the fabric of awning then collect all the required items before going through all the steps carefully and achieve the desired result:

Things You Will Need

  • Replacement Awning, Cordless Drill & Screwdriver
  • Rivet Gun, Replacement Pop Rivets & Hammer
  • Vise Grips, Box Or Open Wrenches & Silicone Spray Lubricant
  • Caulk Or Waterproof Sealant
  • Masking Tape Or Electrical Tape
  • Razor Knife, Permanent Marker & Step Ladder
  • Cinder Blocks & Tarp

Removing Roller

  1. First of all, you need to remove the bolts which are holding your awning to the top of RV.
  2. Also remove all the screws which are holding the awing fabric to the track.
  3. Now, head down to the bottom of the RV and then find all the brackets holding the legs in place.
  4. Next, flip the control lever to extend your awning by 1 foot (30 cm). Check for the right side to fine control the lever of the awning's roller tube.
  5. Cover all the sharp edges of its brackets by using tape. There is a metal bracket at each end of your awning's roller tube.
  6. Spread open end of the awing track by using a flathead screwdriver. Stick the end of your screwdriver into the end of the track.
  7. Next lift the legs up off your ground & begin to walk alongside the RV, towards the end of it's track that you split open. If necessary, then take the help of the third person to tug your fabric along the track.

Removing The Spring

  1. First you need to lock the spring of back end of your awning roller tube. Check the plastic cap on the left side of its tube.
  2. Remove any bolt, leg from the front end of your awning roller tube. Head over to its right side of the awning roller tube.
  3. Next, re-insert the bolt and then cover your bracket with tape. Leave the awning leg on your ground. Put your bolt back into its roller tube. Cover all the exposed bracket edges by using masking tape or electrical tape.
  4. Then, use a vise grip to release pressure, flip its lever and then unroll the spring. Clamp a vise grip on the bolt. Lift your vise to release pressure. Finally, you need to flip the lever to the "roll-off" position.
  5. Next you need to mark the level on your roller tube and then remove the vise grips. Check for the control lever and then mark its position on your roller tube by using a permanent marker.
  6. Now you need to remove pop rivets from its end cap and then remove the spring. You need to use a drill(cordless) to lose the pop rivet. Tap the rivet by using a hammer to remove it. Rotate the roller tube to see the underside, and then repeat the process for the second pop rivet.
  7. Finally you need to slide assemble out of your roller tube. Grab it's endcap and then pull it off roller tube.

Replacing The Old Fabric

  1. First of all, you need to roll old fabric from the roller tube and then mark all the channels. Ask a helper and then work with the other person to roll the fabric off from the roller tube to expose the bare metal. Mark the channels that its fabric is tucked into with a permanent marker.
  2. Now you need to slide all the old fabric off from the roller tube, take help of someone to hold the end of the roller tube while you are going to pull off the fabric. It can be easy to slice the awing fabric down the middle, betwixt the 2 channels by using a knife. By following this way, you can slide the fabric off in 2 pieces. Discard the fabric when you've finished.
  3. Now you need to spray silicone lubricant into the marked channels. Buy a spray silicone lubricant with an attached nozzle. Place its nozzle into the marked channel & then squeezing the trigger as you walk alongside your roller tube.
  4. Now you need to insert your new awning fabric into the marked channels. Get out the new awning fabric and then position it over the front of your roller tube.
  5. Tuck the ends of your new fabric into the marked channels and be sure that it is centered properly. Also, be sure that the valance is in the marked channel with a "V".
  6. Slide your new fabric down the length of your roller tube. Hold your new fabric unwaveringly to either side of the 2 channels. Take the help of another person to hold the roller tube steady for you. Slowly walk down the length of your roller tube towards the end, pulling on your new fabric as you do so.
  7. Finally you need to roll your fabric onto your roller tube with the help of 1-2 persons and keep 1 person at each end of your roller tube and work with another person roll your new fabric around the roller tube. You will need to lift the roller tube up as you pull your fabric under it. Tell the third person to smooth your fabric if needed.
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