How To Replace A Window Pane In A Wooden Frame: 6 Easy Steps & Useful Tips Of Replacing A Window Pane

6 Easy Steps & Useful Tips Of Replacing A Window Pane In A Wooden Frame

The windowpane usually needs the replacement, due to the two main reasons, either it is broken or the user wants to change the look of the window. In both these cases replacing a windowpane is an easy task to perform, simply go through the easy steps mentioned below and also read some useful tips while performing this process:
  1. Before starting the job, it is advisable to check the method that is used to hold the windowpane like glass. If in case the window has a trim, that time the glass can be removed simply by prying out the trim with the help of a flathead screwdriver or if it is glazed, that time simply soften the glaze using a heat gun or with the hairdryer set to full power.
  2. Scrape-off all the glaze with the help of a putty knife, once it is softened. Pull out all the small metal spikes that are helping to keep the window in its place, which is called points, with the help of pliers. If they will not come out, that time take the pliers to bend them in the backward direction.
  3. Put on protective gloves and then tap the window pane from the outside so that it will become loose. Work at the one corner so that it will be out of the wooden frame, hold it with the help of one hand, and then pull gently while tapping. Once the windowpane like the glass is loose, then quickly support it from the bottom edge while pulling it out of the frame.
  4. Pull out all the points that will not come out while the pane is in place and also scrape off all the old putty from the wooden frame. Install the new window pane like glass as well as secure it simply carefully by pressing the new points into the wood with the help of pliers. If incase the frame was trimmed, that time replace the trim and also tap new 1-inch nails or brads in the nail holes after that sink them using a nail punch.
  5. Now it is time to reglaze the window using the oil-based window glazing. Remove a small quantity from the container and then roll it on all around the hands to soften it. Shape it in the form of a rope and then press it all around the edge of the glass, in a way so that it will form a continuous bead of the glazing. Also, overfill the gap that is in-between the window as well as the wood, so that it fills the gap and also it can be shaped.
  6. Hold down a putty knife parallel to the glazing from one side of the frame, angle it to about 45 degrees with respect to the windowpane. Start from one corner, draw it on all along the glazing to the other corner, this will help to form a flat surface that is diagonal to both of the glass and also to the frame. If incase the putty pulls away, then replace it, and again start from over. Repeat the same process from all sides of the frame. Leave the glaze to harden for 10 days, then coat it with the help of an oil-based wood primer. Finally, paint the window after the primer dries.

Important & Useful Tips

  • If the windowpane is cracked, then cover both sides using the masking tape so it will not fall apart while removing it.
  • If in case the user has to remove the broken glass, then do it with the pliers, and also keep the old glass in a paper, not in plastic bag.
  • The glaze will also smudge the window while applying it. So wipe off the smudges using a rag before primer.
  • The window is easier to replace if the frame can be removed and lay it flat.
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