How To Replace A Toilet Tank: Step By Step Guide Of Replacing & Installing A Toilet Tank

Step By Step Guide Of Replacing & Installing A Toilet Tank

If in case the toilet tank is cracked, leaking, or is outdated, then it is time to install a replacement. When the user needs to replace the toilet tank, then first of all drain as well as unscrew the old one in order to remove it. The step by step guide of installing a new toilet tank is mentioned below:

Step 1: Remove The Old Tank

  1. The first step is to turn off the water supply. Simply locate the metal valve that is on the wall that usually has a hose that is connecting to the bottom of the toilet’s tank. Turn the handle in the counterclockwise direction as far as possible so the water will stop to run into the toilet tank anymore.
  2. Hold down the flush lever to drain all the water from the tank. Take the lid off from the toilet tank and then keep it on a towel so that it will not scratch the floors. Keep holding until all of the water is drained out from the tank before leaving the lever.
  3. Then unscrew the supply hose that is at the bottom of the tank. The supply hose is usually a metal or a plastic tube that connects from the water valve to the bottom of the toilet tank. Carefully unscrew the end of the hose that is connected to the tank so that it will be removed from the tank. If the user can’t unscrew the supply hose with the hand, then use a pair of the pliers or a wrench to get a proper and better grip.
  4. Loosen all the bolts that are from inside of the tank with the help of a screwdriver. Simply from the outside of the tank locate the ends of the bolts that are on the bottom and then grip one of the nuts using a pair of locking pliers. With the other hand reach a screwdriver that is inside the tank and then turn the bolt heads in the counterclockwise direction. While rotating them, the nuts will become loose under the bolts and then pull the bolt up through the tank. Repeat the same procedure for the rest of the bolts.
  5. Lift off the tank from the toilet bowl. Hold the tank from the bottom with the help of both hands and then carefully lift it up, lift it straight up off the bowl.

Step 2: Installing A New Tank

  1. Purchase a tank that matches the same size as the toilet bowl’s gasket. The gasket is the main hole from where the water travels from the tank right in the bowl. Measure the size of the gasket with the help of a tape measure. It is also advisable to make sure that the color of the tank must match the bowl.
  2. Push the new toilet tank-to-bowl gasket at the bottom of the tank. The tank-to-bowl gasket is actually a rubber ring that often comes with the new tank. Place a towel on the floor and then turn the new tank on its side so as to access the bottom of it. Push the gasket in the largest hole right on the bottom of the tank to form a tight seal.
  3. On each of the tank bolts slide a rubber washer. The new tank will come with all the bolts as well as the washers needed to install on the bowl. Find out the rubber washers that come with the tank and then push one into each bolt. Make sure that the washer is properly pressed with the top of the bolt.
  4. Place the new tank at the top of the toilet bowl so the holes will properly line up with one another. Carefully lift the tank with the help of both hands and then place it on the back part of the bowl. Position the tank in a way so that the gasket properly lines up with the large hole that is at the back of the bowl. After that, check that all the bolt holes must line up so that the user can easily slide the bolts through them.
  5. Finally hold the tank with one hand and then place the bolts into the holes inside the tank. In order to form a tight seal using the rubber washers as well as at the bottom of the tank press down on the tops of the bolts. Then, tighten the nut onto each of the bolts to hold the tank in right place.
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