How To Replace A Sliding Door Handle And Lock: Step By Step Process Of Replacing A Sliding Door Handle

Step By Step Process Of Replacing A Sliding Door Handle And Lock

Replacing your sliding patio door handles is a very easy process that can be performed very quickly. The similar kinds of handles are constructed by all manufacturers effectively, so as a result, it should be extremely easy to remove the one handle, and then replacing it with another. Another best option to replace your sliding patio door handles is with a lock and handle system. Replacing your sliding patio door handles with the handles that are exactly similar is a very easy task, as compared to using different replacement handles, due to the reason that it may need a few holes drilled in the door in order to improve it. Before starting the replacement process, it is important to gather the items required for the process first & then go through all the steps carefully:

Things You Will Need

  • Drill
  • Tape Measure
  • Brick Or Bike Stop
  • Drill Bit
  • Replacement Handle

Step 1: Remove The Old Handle

First of all, you need to open the door in order to make it possible to detach the old handle of your sliding door. This can be done by sliding it back, but the best way to do this is to keep it open with a large brick, or one of the devices that take hold of a bike's wheel in place. You should make sure to secure the door due to the reason that it can't be pulled shut, and then take off the handle. You should discover a couple of screws around the edge of the handle, which you have to unscrew, or the screw may be on the edge of the door frame. Detach these screws and the handle should simply decline. Then pry it off with the help of the edge of a flat-headed screwdriver if in case it has been on the door for some time.

Step 2: Calculate The Size Needed

Now, calculate the hole you have in your door. Make sure to remember the width of the lock that is needed, along with any clear-cut pattern of the faceplate. After that, determine the distance betwixt each of the mounting screws. Also, take note of the handle maker, but remember that you need to find out the maker of your door, which is an extremely easy task. You can then measure the exact size of replacement sliding patio door handles.

Step 3: Fit The New Handle

As soon as you have your new handle available, you can simply adjust it to the door. If in case you have a surface mounted handle, in which the screws are on the face of the door, then adjusting it will be very easy, in spite of the fact that you may need to drill new holes in order to get the screws to line up correctly. For a mortise lock, you may face some problems. Shift the lock into the frame, and then adjust the mortise rod. After that, slide the screws into a similar hole as before, and shift the lock into position. If in case you need to drill a different hole in order to adjust the rod, then you need to seal the other hole over with putty, or something similar, in order to safeguard the door.
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